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Ace Player HD is a strong all-around media player that has built-in support for torrents.

Ace Player HD is a versatile media player for Windows that can handle just about whatever media you throw at it. The program is clearly modeled after VLC to the point that it even provides full support for VLC skins. That leads some to call it a VLC clone, but there are some important distinctions, such as Ace Player HD being able to serve as a torrent client and actually stream playback as a file is downloading.


I created this guide to help people who want to stream live sports on their Mac. It's a little tricky to setup, but fully worth it. Hope it's useful! EDIT: I originally created it to help people over at r/rugbyunion/, but you should find it helpful no matter what sport you are a fan of. Watch the content on remote devices like Apple TV, Chromecast and more. It supports various communication protocols like AirPlay, Google Cast, and others. Make an account in the app and start using the wonderful features of the app. Now you can download and install this app Ace Stream Media for PC on your Computers, Mac, and Windows 7-8-0.

Like VLC, this player can handle all HD content just fine; the only limitation is the native quality of the source. The player also features synchronization options, which let you bring audio and video tracks in tune; a format converter, which you can use to convert a video from one codec to another; and a playlist manager, which works for audio and video files and can even contain both.

Another way that Ace Player HD feels like VLC is that it has excellent codec support out of the box, and these codecs are contained within the application. That makes the program really accessible for the average user, and the support provided by Ace is so great that most users will never have to consider codecs. Advanced users need not worry; however, Ace Player HD also supports all codecs that you install and manipulate through the operating system.

As mentioned, the important way that Ace Player HD differentiates itself from VLC is by being a full-blown torrent client as well as a media player. If you want to download MP3s via torrents, you can do that right here as well as listen to that music and manage your collection. Perhaps where this functionality really shines is being able to access a full HD movie via torrents and be able to watch that movie while its downloading rather than having to wait for it to finish.

Whether you should choose Ace Player HD over or in addition to VLC, it comes down to how much you’ll use that torrent functionality. Beyond that feature set, Ace Player HD simply isn’t as polished as VLC, and this lack of polish rears its head as stability issues during playback as well as a number of buffering issues when streaming online content.


  • Versatile media player
  • Excellent out-of-the-box code support
  • Integrates BitTorrent functionality

Ace Player Hd Mac


  • Not quite as polished as VLC
  • Has some buffering issues

Ace Stream Hd For Macbook Air

ACE Stream is a multimedia player based on the well-known VLC player. It's compatible with the BitTorrent protocol to play HD video and streaming TV.
It has capabilities for video capture from various sources, external audio synchronization, and subtitles. You can also add logos and watermarks, and take screen captures.
Another feature, also included in VLC, is a function to convert multimedia formats and recover and play damaged videos.
You can use it to play all main audio and video formats, including MP3, AVI, WAV, DVD, MKV, FLV, and FLAC, without needing to install any extra codecs.
ACE Stream plays high-quality streams, almost always in HD format. It's an excellent choice if you're looking for a new multimedia player.