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My daughter’s music CD for her skating short program got badly scratched and because it was the last-but-one copy (as skater you need many copies, in case you loose/forget/scratch/misplace it), I was confronted with the task to create a new copy. Rather than starting Nero on Win-XP notebook, I have decided to learn (finally) how to do it on Mac. It must be simple, intuititive and much easier than on Windows. Right ? Wrong ! To my big surprise, there was no easy, idiot proof, very obvious way mac-ish drag and drop way how to acomplish it. It was not exactly hard either, but it actually took consulting the omniviscent Google to find it out. To save the search for the next time, I’ll write it down. Here is what you have to do:

Creating an Audio CD using Burn for the MAC OS X Table of Contents: 00:04 - In this tutorial, you will learn how to: 00:19 - At the end of this tutorial, you.

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1) Create a disk image from source CD

  • Insert the source CD (the one you want to copy)
  • Open the Finder, open Applications, then Utilities, and start the Disk Utility program
  • In Disk Utility, select File -> New -> Disk Image from Folder
  • The Finder will appear – select whole CD and click on the Image button
  • A new dialog box will appear. In the Where box, choose Desktop. In the Image Format box, choose DVD/CD master
  • Click Save

Now a new file will be created on your Desktop, titled the name of your CD with a “.cdr” extension. This file is a disk image of your CD. Btw, it works even if you do not select cdr format and write disk as generic Disk Image (.dmg).

Now you need to burn it on new, blank CD:

2) Create new CD from a disk image

  • Eject your original CD from the CD drive
  • Return to the Disk Utility program.
  • You should now see the disk image of your CD on the left hand side, typically at the bottom of the list. Select the image, and then click on the Burn button
  • Follow the directions and insert a black CD-R disc when prompted

You can repeat step 2 as many time you need, of course :-). Next time I am going to use the image, of course assumed that it will be still the same music. Thanks to Spotlight magic, I am sure I will be able to find it, because I used proper, descriptive and obvious name “track 86.cdr”. Just kidding :-).

What do you think – why did not Apple make this process easier – as they did for many other chores ? Has it maybe anything to do with the fact that copying CD can be (and quite often is) used for copyright violation activities ?

Are you a Mac user looking for a way to burn music to a CD on your Mac Computer? Well, then we have a couple of introductory programs that we’re going to be introducing to you! Four — to be exact. Each of which is available on both Mac and Windows OS. Which should allow you to burn whatever music you might want on a CD using your Mac computer.

Recommended - Wondershare DVD Creator

  • • Easy and Quick One-Click Burn Feature
  • • Advanced Video Editing Tools and Slideshow Creator Built-in
  • • Videos, Images, and Audios can be processed into CD
  • • Burns Audio onto disc in Hi-Fi
  • • Produces DVDs, Blu-Ray DVDs, CDs, Data Discs, etc.
Audio cd copy mac

Part 1. How to Burn Music to CD on Mac with iTunes

The first program that we’re going to be demonstrating is iTunes. It’s the regular media player for people who have iOS mobile devices. Of course, much like most of the popular media players these days, it offers a music to CD burn feature — which is available for both Windows and Mac OS versions of the program! There’s really not much of a difference between either, so once you know how to burn music to CD on Mac with iTunes, then you know how to burn Mac to CD on Windows with iTunes as well.

How to Burn Music to CD on Mac with iTunes

Audio cd copy for mac osx

Step One: Create a Playlist with iTunes

The first thing you have to do to use iTunes as a CD/DVD burner is to create a Playlist. This playlist is what is going to be burned onto the disc, so make sure that you create the playlist with that in mind. Create a Playlist with iTunes by importing audio on iTunes library then selecting the audio, right-clicking, and choosing Add to Playlist > New Playlist.

Step Two: File Tab

Next, open up the File tab and locate the Burn Playlist to Disc option. Doing that will allow you to move along with us to the next step.

Step Three: Burn Settings Window

If you do the previous step successfully, then the Burn Settings window should appear on your screen. There are only a couple of things to think about here:

    ● Preferred Speed: Choose a speed that you’re comfortable with, just know that choosing a slower speed should help make your CD longer-lasting. ● Disc Format: Choose Audio CD if you want to burn high-quality uncompressed audio, choose MP3 CD if you want to burn compressed audio that take up less storage space, or choose Data CD if you want to create a multi-faceted disc.

When you’re ready, click the “Burn” button to finish copying your audio onto a CD.

Mac Cd Drive

Part 2. How to Burn Music to CD on Mac with VLC

The method of burning music to CD on Mac with VLC is nearly identical to the iTunes method we just demonstrated. There are minor differences, of course, but a lot of the concept is the same. Including the fact that VLC is available on both Mac and Windows — allowing you to use the program in both types of PCs in order to burn your music onto a CD!

How to Burn Music to CD on Mac with VLC

Step One: Create a Playlist with VLC

First, you need to create a playlist on VLC! This playlist should have only the audio that you want to burn onto the CD — nothing more, so be very careful about what you put into it. Create a Playlist with VLC by dragging and dropping audio onto the VLC playlist dock. (If the dock is not showing on your screen, you can activate it on the View tab.

Step Two: Media Tab

Next, you need to open up the Media tab drop-down menu (shown in the image below.) On there, you’ll find the “Convert/Save” option. Select that and move onto the next step!

Step Three: Open Media Window

We’re close to the end now, all you have to do is follow the set of instructions laid out - Open up the Disc tab, select Audio CD under Disc Selection, browse for your burner of choice under Disc Device, and then click “Convert/Save” to finish copying your music onto a CD with VLC.


Part 3. How to Burn Music to CD on Mac with Third-Party CD Burner

For our third demonstration, we’re going to be introducing you to the CDBurnerXP. The CDBurnerXP is a third-party burner, one that you can use in both Mac and Windows OS computers. It’s really not all that different from other CD burners out there, and it manages to be fairly intuitive in the very beginning! Continue reading to learn more about it.

How to Burn Music to CD on Mac with CDBurnerXP

Step One: Launch CDBurnerXP and Select Project Type

Audio Cd Copy For Mac Download

Upon launching the CDBurnerXP, you will be greeted by a welcome menu where you will be given a choice as to how you want your project to go (see image below for the options). For burning music to CD, we’re going to stick to the Audio Disc type of project.

Step Two: Add Audio Files

The activity screen for the CDBurnerXP is a little confusion, but you really don’t have to worry too much about much of it. Just click the big green “+ Add” icon highlighted in the image below OR drag and drop files onto the highlighted area near the bottom of the activity screen.

Step Three: Search for Compatible Drive & Burn

Next to the “Add” and “Remove” icons is the driver menu (highlighted in the image below). There, you’ll be able to select from a list of drivers connected to your computer. Make sure to select one that has a blank disc inserted into it before clicking the “Burn” button — which initiates the permanent copy of your music to CD.

Part 4. Recommended CD & DVD Burner for Windows and Mac Computer


Now that we’ve discussed a couple of different methods that you can try to use for burning music to your CD, let’s talk about our recommended CD and DVD burner. That is, the Wondershare DVD Creator. It’s a premium product, one that is made for creating DVDs and CDs. Unlike the CDBurnerXP however, you get an interface that is beginner-friendly. Everything is designed to work with even the most inexperienced of users — even the premium tools not available in most other CD and DVD burners.

Wondershare DVD Creator

  • • Easy and Quick One-Click Burn Feature
  • • Advanced Video Editing Tools and Slideshow Creator Built-in
  • • Videos, Images, and Audios can be processed into CD
  • • Burns Audio onto disc in Hi-Fi
  • • Produces DVDs, Blu-Ray DVDs, CDs, Data Discs, etc.

How to Burn Music to CD with Wondershare DVD Creator

Step One: Launch Wondershare DVD Creator & Select CD Burner

When you launch the Wondershare DVD Creator, you will be given a choice between a variety of disc types (see image below for options). For burning music to CD, we’re going to select the CD Burner option.

Step Two: Add music

Audio Mac Download

Next, you’ll be moved to an activity screen where you will be able to add files to burn. Now you can add the audio files to program with following methods:

  • ● Add your music to Wondershare by dragging and then dropping them onto the screen.
  • ● You can also add your music by selecting the “+”/“Add Pictures or Videos or Audios”

Step Three: Start Burning Music to CD

When you've added audio files to Wondershare DVD Creator, you're allowed to arrange the order of the songs. After all the settings, you can click the Burn button at the lower right bottom to start burning music to CD.


Audio Cd Copy Mac

That concludes our burn music to CD on Mac breakdown! There are lots of DVD/CD burners that you can use out there, and some of them are just easier to use than others. Out of all of them, the program that we’d most recommend is the Wondershare DVD Creator. With its beginner-friendliness and premium tools and features, it is no doubt the most helpful method of those that we discussed.

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