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The original Carmageddon was a hit with both Mac and PC gamers. Interplay's sequel, Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now, offers improved gameplay with extended playing time, more open arenas, and better car upgrades, but doesn't change the original drive-by hit-and-run formula. Carmageddon 2 is about one thing: smashing stuff up.

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  1. Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now

Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now

  • Game Details: Welcome to the “Carmageddon 2” for Mac game page. This page contains information + tools how to port Carmageddon 2 so you can play it on your Mac just like a normal application using Crossover.So if you haven’t Crossover yet, then sign up here and buy the program or if you want to test it first, for the 14 days trial. Or use the Porting Kit alternative.
  • Dual G5 2.3 GHz, Quadro FX 4500, OS X 10.4.11: Got to the menu alright on first run using 3DFX emulation via MacGlide, but caused a hard lock-up after a few seconds of gameplay. Cannot get the app to reopen now; generated config file probably causing this. App refuses to open at all using Rave. Carmageddon II utilizes Redbook audio.

Windows - 1998

Also released on: Mac

4.5 / 5 - 112 votes

Description of Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now Windows

Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now (aka Carmageddon 64), a really nice racing / driving game sold in 1998 for Windows, is available and ready to be played again! Also available on Mac, time to play a zombies, vehicular combat simulator, automobile and combat vehicules video game title.

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ajovev2019-11-261 point Windows version

Great game! I play it still. Runs fine even on Win8 and Win10, using emulated 3dfx graphics card - the nglide program, also the patch from the site of nglide, specifically made for Carma2:

J-C L2018-09-040 point

I am loving Carpocalypse Now! It can be played in 4k with the glide wrapper.

Gjammer2018-04-020 point Windows version

Great game. Too bad it doesn't run under Windows 7. I played it all the time when I had a Windows 98 PC and a Logitech force feedback wheel.
An easy way to convert iso files to disc is to use PowerISO, a free and paid program. I've been using it for years.

Joe Mama2017-03-190 point Windows version

Or if you don't have an old Win98 or XP machine laying around and don't want to look for one, just download a virtual machine program so you can load an older version of windows on a virtual machine and play it under that. May not be a perfect solution, but could work.

Mamka2017-03-180 point


frumbert2016-12-03-5 points Windows version

for anyone trying to run these games on windows xp or newer, just go to your local pawn shop and buy a windows 98 computer for $5 and run it on that. Or download one of the many windows 98 virtual machines and run THAT on your operating system of choice. Of course these old games aren't going to run on windows 8 or windows 10! you'd be thick to think they should.

chibest2016-10-220 point

good game I like it

HenryBemis2016-10-13-1 point Windows version

I appreciate this site so forgive me for being blunt but THIS GAME does NOT work on windows. Neither does Carmegeddon 2. The newer versions of window reject this program. Unless we get a hack or patch that allows this game to be played on Windows 8.0 or higher don't waste your time and effort downloading and installing.

prm2016-09-250 point Mac version

how to run it on mac?

VLAD8892016-09-180 point Windows version


Dedamrazojed2016-06-240 point Windows version

One of my all time favorites. Just wanted to comment on theme in the game description - it is not 'Zombies'. Zombies were introduced in later version because idea of killing people for fun made general public a bit nervous.... But it was fun as hell....

SuperHappyFunTime2016-01-312 points

I own this game for pc , it was alright but for some reason
I enjoyed the first one better(splatterpack), I think they also
made a third one but I never played it....the 3d peds in this
look so terrible, very low poly models.
I play too many games, I should be playing with girls.

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  • Year:1999
  • Publisher:Interplay Entertainment Corp., SCi Games Ltd.
  • Developer:Stainless Software Ltd.

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Add-on Cars for Carmageddon 2

The real deal, what everyone is after. Considering Carmageddon 2 has the best deformation algorithms, lots of people wanted (and still want!) to create their own models for the game. Carmageddon 2 allows cars to have detachable parts, doors, moving/animated components and the likes. The downloads presented here are stuff I put ingame, either my own models or made by friends, or conversions from other games. Some add-ons might be more complex/finished than others and thus require more CPU power etc. Don't forget to read the included readme's :)

The Cart Dog


Witch Doctor


Ported from TDR2000. Improved bits here and there.

Steam Machine


A rather elaborated port from TDR2000's Nosebleed Pack.

Eagle MK3+1


Iron Horse


Black Mesa SUV


An almost direct port of the SUV brush from Half-Life: Blue Shift.

Tez Eagle


Technical achievement. 80,000 tris. You must have a good comp!

The Digga


Monster Beetle


Ice Cream Van


Re-assembled from Carma64 bits and Cameron's model.

Purple Piledriver


Second enhanced version. Even more tweaked all around.

Slash's Eldorado


Port of the Eldorado mish mash from Crazy Taxi 3. Not many C2 features but some interesting texture effects. Handles nicely.

Eagle MK4


Exact port of the TDR2000 model. Features full lit rear lights, custom HUD elements, fully smashable.

Big Dump: ReinCARnation


Decided to port the dump truck prop from ReinCARnation to C2 as a replacement for the Big Dump! 6000 triangles.

Ramraider 2013


And once again, a superb model by FatCat. This one is the best though: 10k tris, and really made for C2. Took me a long time to get ingame!

Razorback 2013


Another great model by FatCat! It has around 21000 tris though! I made it fully featured and really fine looking ingame.

Chryslus Corvega


A port from Fallout 3. Can't say it's a top notch addon considering the polycount but it looks cool and comes with 5 color themes.

Eagle RS


A great model by FatCat + Econobrick's driver. I did the setup and port and experimented a bit with materials. 20,000 triangles!

Moskvitch 2140 wreck (v2)


A supercharged update to the 2006 port from Half-Life 2. Can be considered a proper nice add-on now. Fully featured etc.

C1 Cleaver 2005


This is the C1 model updated with the 2005 Gizmondo texture and put into C2. It has no interior or detachables, it just shows what the Gizmondo models looked like.



AdR's superb take on Cullwing. I ported it to C2 in all its glory.

The Fail 500


This is a mod of Pip's Fiat 500. Was meant to remind people what was possible in terms of modding. Features an 4-state animated driver!

Digga (2009)


Quite an impressive beast. Originaly from the game Clutch, I halved the polycount and generated the texture bits. Completly articulated and all.

Banger Racing General Lee


This modded General Lee is meant for the banger racing TC 'SOD'. Quite realistic, one of my fav.

Lego Eagle


Hehe, the model is Mad_Maxine's who made it in one of those Lego programs. I put it in C2 and made sure it falls into pieces!

The Borgnine


The famous Borgnine taxi from GTA3. Looks really good in C2 if you ask me.

DeLorean DMC


As I put it in C1, I thought I'd put it in C2 too. It's Ikraan DMC model, but IMO C2 doesn't do it justice. Prefer it for C1!

Sor BN 12


AdR's awesome Sor BN12 bus model. This was made for the game Fuel Of War and ended in my hands. One of the craziest C2 car setup.

'73 Courcheval Manta


A fine model by R66C that I put into C2. Comes with an alternate blue skin I made.

Peterbilt 379


A nice truck by Synetearis. Helped him put it ingame.

AC Groove


Same deal: good looking model by Synetearis and I ported it into Carmageddon 2. Comes with several color themes.



The Stallion from GTA: San Andreas! Converted by Harmalarm and ported ingame by myself. Comes with a lot of colors and even tops.



This model was made by Saman for a Low Poly challenge at I ported it to C2.

Niva Destroyer


This model was made by Nosalis for a Low Poly challenge at I ported it to C2.



This model was made by Bukva for a Low Poly challenge at I ported it to C2.



This model was made by Wordless for a Low Poly challenge at I ported it to C2.

TIE Fighter


Model by JR Bassett, I put that in C2 to test the lollipop settings. This model rocks (literally) in a special way.

Cleaver v3


My latest take on Cleaver. The best so far. Optimised and eye-candy. Features the 10th anniversary logo.

Ar Migaddo


The result of a community. Kavera's mashup of models by TTR, TomeX and Junkpile. I took care of the concept and made it a reality.

Resistance Charger


(aka. the 'HOTROD') Model made by VALVE Software for Half-Life 2 Episode Two. A superb item I ported and setup for C2.

Lamborghini Reventón


My first speed lowpoly model. About 700 triangles and 34 lowres textures. It was made BEFORE the Reventon was officialy introduced.

Episode One Van


The van from Half-Life2 Episode One! With Alyx and all!

Skyline R30 RS-Turbo


This is something I converted from NFS4. I think the author was SKB875, not sure. I modded this a lot to make it look this good in C2. :)



Original model by Slayer, modded by Alan, re-arranged by Beroc (and converted to TDR), re-converted to C2 by Toshiba-3.

Audi RSQ


I think I converted that from NFS4. Not sure. Model is by Dingsign. Honestly I think my C2 port looks better.



My Renault 5 in its full glory! (Hires textures, smoothing groups etc.)

General Lee


This was a milestone in C2 modding. It's the first car to correctly take advantage of the env map/smoothing groups combo but also the first car to have such a complex C2 setup. A true gem :)

Cleaver v2


Second take at making Cleaver for C2. This is my least loved one. The high polycount isn't necessary etc.



Back then I said it was my best work. Even though it isn't the case anymore, I must say I still love this model :)

Carmageddon Pc Download

Renault Clio


This is a Renault Clio V6 from Need For Speed: Most Wanted. I kept it for myself a long time as it's a pretty dull add-on.

Holden Commodore VZ


Ported from TOCA Race Driver 3. Kind of dull add-on Carma-wise. But good enough if you're the racer type!



One of my favourite conversions, Venom from FlatOut 2. Looks good, lots of detachables, etc. Recommended!

'66 Chevy Corvair Corsa


AdR originaly made this model for Crashday. I'm not sure it was ever released for that game, but I sure did for Carmageddon 2!

'82 Skoda 120L


AdR made this replica of one of his friend's own 120L then asked me to finish it and put it ingame. Done. Very nice car!

Opel Rekord C Sprint


One of my dear memories. Even if the model is so-so, this is a great add-on I loved making. Type of car I'd like to have in real life.



Kinda dull add-on ported from Hard Truck Apocalypse. Doesn't look too good IMO.

New Suppressor


I remade the New Suppressor from TDR 2000. Not much to add honestly.



A prop from FlatOut that I converted as an add-on car for C2.

Agent 8


Same. A prop from FlatOut that I converted as an add-on car for C2.

Road King


The Road King from FlatOut. Quite well converted but the texture is a bit lowres.



The Slider from FlatOut. Quite well converted but the texture is a bit lowres.



The Fasthammer from FlatOut. Quite well converted but the texture is a bit lowres.



The Overrunner from FlatOut. Quite well converted but the texture is a bit lowres.



The Speedevil from FlatOut. Quite well converted but the texture is a bit lowres.



Yeah now THAT is a real Carmageddon car. I remade it from TDR for C2 in 2006. Updated it greatly in 2009. Features the first opposite wheels etc.

Mafia Taxi


The taxi model from Mafia! It was quite fun to convert. Has a few problems with transparency.

Combine APC


The Combine APC from Half-Life 2. Probably the favorite item out of the HL2 conversions.



I like this one. Kinda novelty item. The fan looks good, as does the G-Man :)


V-100 APC


That's the military APC, I can't remember where we see it ingame to be honest. CoffeyCup made a nice skin for it.

Combine Razor Train


It's a bit big and out of place! I guess it can still interest people. It was a request actually.

Doom³ Rover


All of sudden, Doom3 material! The only car in the game, can't really remember where we see it, out in the martian wasteland I guess. Doesn't look bad in C2 but it's kinda dull as it has no interior.

RAF-2203 Latvija


VW Golf Mk2


Another HL2 prop converted to C2. I wonder why I did this one!

Trabant wreck


It's like the HL2 Trabant but crappier! These conversions needed a driver actually tsk tsk.

ZAZ-968 Zaporozhets


Another okayish conversion. I guess?! Can't say I'd play with this one.

Moskvitch 2140 wreck (v1)


Ok so this is my favourite, you can tell it from the preview pic. I'm going to redo it. See up there.

Moskvitch 2140


Yeah whatever, doesn't look bad and all, has its detachables etc. But still hollow.

Volga GAZ-24


This one is okay too. If you want a Volga I suggest you take the bloody one up there.



Okay Trabant. Should have added a driver. All these Half-Life 2 conversions are a bit boring actually.

Avia A31


This however is a good HL2 item. Too bad it has no driver, because it is kinda fun to drive, detaches well too.



Nice tow truck model from HL2, but the C2 port suffer of the low res texture.

HL² Buggy


This was the first of the HL2 conversions and actually my first conversion at all. It was quickly updated by CoffeyCup who added Gordon Freeman behind the wheel. Good Stuff!

Snail Tank


This is a weird idea I know. It's the IS-2 tank stolen by commy pirates who went through a building and took it with them. Crazy stuff.

1943 IS-2


A simple IS-2 tank I made in MAX while I was still learning. Can't remember whether the treads go in the right direction or not.

'91 Citroën AX v2


My second take at the AX, can't say it's better than the first. Polycount is way too high, textures suck. Heh!

Orange Star Tank


The tank from Advance Wars, original concept by Kwak. I remade it and put it ingame. Uses the cel shading trick.

Renault 5 TRASH


The R5 was originaly made for the Ruin Nation 2 project. Which was never completed. So I put it in C2. This one has lowres textures, see above for the second version.

Cleaver v1.2


My first take at making Cleaver. Not bad at all! A very classic 2000 era C2 item. See the v3 for the best one.

'97 Renault Scenic RT


My first 'correct' C2 item, featuring everything a C2 item should have. It still has a big place in my heart oooh.

'91 Trou Noir


This is a bit better than my first car heh. Turning models into gore stuff makes them look better anyway. This thing looks even better in C1. True!

Citroën AX


My first car for C2. A crappy box :) I tried to remake it later (see above) but that wasn't too good either!

Exact Carmageddon 1 Car Ports for Carmageddon 2

Ok, those are particular add-ons. They are car ports looking exactly like their Carmageddon 1 counterparts. They involve a special treatment explained in the included readme's. Basicaly you have to remove or rename PIXELMAP.TWT from the Reg folder and then extract the included one. These add-ons are full lit and unfiltered. They have no detachables or other C2-only features.



GCR asked this so much I actually did it just to see if he would suddenly speak english instead.

The Cleaver


Oh Cleaver... why were you on the NA C2 boxart but not actually in the game..?

Electric Blue


Exactly like the C1 thing. Even zaps pedestrians and all!

Hawk II


Add-on Tracks for Carmageddon 2

Making new levels for Carmageddon 2 requires much more time. New tracks can be very complex and Carmageddon 2 allows authors to be very creative. Below are the tracks I worked on, mainly ports/revamps of other Carmageddon tracks but also levels from other games. Some of them are resource-demanding so don't forget to read the readme's.

CTT #8 (Gravity)


Small and simple level illustrating inverted gravity along a twisted road.

Grasslands Of Gore


A rather complete grassland skin (but standalone) for the Beaver Mountains! 's all!

CTT #2 (Modularity)


A short but experimental track illustrating the use of many tricks as well as modular elements for corridors and more.

Smooth Beaver Mountains


Just like the smoothed desert, now the Beaver Moutains. With a skin by Yfrid. Big iron recommended.

CTT #4 (Junkyard Cannon)


A little mod to the Junkyard (Home Sweet Groan) that illustrates using SFX volume to make a car-launching cannon!

CTT #1


This is a small test chamber with a loop on the roof showing some tricks like full lit materials or a splash screen system.

El Morte Desert


A revamp of the C2 Desert I did with ChevyII, it is basically smoothed a lot. Also boulders never stop now :)

Mayan Mayhem


My own port of Mayan Mayhem from the Splat Pack. Features advanced stuff and the first by-night setting. Good stuff.

TDR Arena


Much worked-on TDR Arena. Not much to add. First example ever of animated parts with force. It can KILL you.

Solar Flare


Solar Flare is an experimental version of the TDR Arena. Arty stuff and excuse to test more tricks.

Psycho Arena


Another test with the TDR Arena. Looks like you took LSD. Unplayable. Take care of your eyes.

Old Town Square


Made by Dandis in SketchUp, I set it up for C2. Quite an experimental track if you ask me. Interesting lighting and novelty environment.

Hard Truck Apocalypse


This is the environment showing behind the menus of Hard Truck Apocalypse. One of the largest C2 tracks. Heaviest too. Took me like forever to complete. Take a lot of time to load.



Ported from FlatOut2! A real funny map! Lots of objects. Even a giant screen :)

Phillip Island


Ported from TOCA Race Driver 3. A bit empty but hey! It's a grand prix circuit! Does its job quite well.

N64 Practice Track


My first go at a track was a conversion from the N64 Carmageddon. It's far from perfect and doesn't look anything like Carmageddon.

New Pedestrians for Carmageddon 2

Making new pedestrians is one of the funniest stuff the Carmageddon series allows to mod. While producing new animations is rather difficult (and rare), developping a new model to work with existing skeletons is fairly easy and fans have created new peds since the dawn of the community. Once again I offer stuff from other games as well as new content.



Character by Mad_Maxine, base mesh by Cubix Studio. 1500+ tris though.

Man in Black / Penguin


They spy on you. Everywhere. Uses the penguin's skeleton.

Deer + Mountie

Carmageddon 2 For Mac Iso


Cow + Redneck


Seems almost natural. I guess Stainless forgot to add him.

Elephant + Arab1




The cucco from Zelda Twilight Princess (yeah, now in C2) with new animations!

LEGO© MiniFig


Funny ped, esp. if you use the Lego Eagle. Has facial animations and all.



Funniest pedestrian ever! Custom skeleton made of 19 watermelon parts! SMASH IT!



Stickman, XiaoXiao whatever. That stick dude who fights like there's no tomorrow has a new opponent: you.



CoffeyCup's Earl happens to walk the street now and then. Too bad for him :)



Stalfos ennemy from Zelda Twilight Princess, ported it quickly, forgot to rotate the shield....

HL² Zombie


Awesome port of the HL2 Zombie! Groans and all. Uses the drunk ped animation as the default walk. Good stuff.



Port of the Metrocop from HL2. Funny with the big head powerup :)



Antlion from HL2. Not quite perfect. Uses one of the aliens skeleton.

Car Skins for Carmageddon 2

There was a time when skinning was a lot more present than nowadays heavy modding. Most people in the community had their go at skinning this and that. Even though I started as a skinner as well with TDR2000 assets, I made but a handful of skins for Carmageddon 2 content so far. I still do believe that skilled skinners can turn so-so models into gems.

Wrecked Woody


A quick rusty and wrecked skin for Pip The Pest's Woody. Get the car at MacCarpocalypse.



This is a skin in the style of Alan that I quickly put together for AdR's '65 Pontiac GTO.

Eagle Mk3 beta


This is a skin/mod based on the Hawk Mk3 turning it into what was meant to be the Eagle Mk3 originaly. Even though this is a skin, it installs as an add-on car.



A skin for AdR's '53 Hudson Hornet, visuals based on Doom3 textures.

OSC Thing


A simply gritty skin for Bruner_James' 1970 El Camino.



An old skin I had made for AdR's RC Volvo S40. It was kinda based on the look of RR2000 V2. Old stuff eh!

Mods for Carmageddon 2

These here are rather packs than modifications per se. I barely offer any support for the old packs so you're kinda on your own there (this especially applies to CL2). The files can be heavy too. I can't swear these will be ready-to-use once extracted on your modern system ;)

Eagle 3 tacho mod


Holographic bumper-mounted tacho mod for the Eagle 3.

Anvil Launcher


Replaces Slaughter Mortar and Mine Shitting with the Anvil Launcher from C:ReinCarnation. Read the readme.

Vanilla C2 mini-pack


This pack is meant for developpers/modders to quickly have a clean and up-to-date base for their project.

FX pack from CL²


Only the visual and sound fx from Carma-Life². Still doesn't really suit C2 IMO.

beta BBQ C2 (2011)


This is the rough last beta available. You'll need stuff like a glide wrapper and CarmaUDP or Hifi's WSOCK32. I offer no support so far!



Carma-Life² is a famous ready-to-use C2 build. It has improved graphics and sfx, but comes without any content from C2. Only a handful of tracks and add-on cars. A good start for your custom C2 build. I must say that I hate it and don't support it anymore!

old BBQ C2 (2009)


This build of C2 only allows you to play in LAN. It is especially made for that. ONLY FOR XP. DOESN'T WORK ON VISTA/7/8.