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Mini dv camera capture software, free download - DV Capture, Mini DV, Enosoft Enhanced DV Decoder, and many more programs.

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Helitron DV4mini USB stick installation and setup

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The links below are download links:

Latest Beta version is: 7th Feb 2016

*** NOTE before you try to use DV4MF2 software you need to first install ones of the original versions above to get all the needed drivers ETC ***

Latest DV4MF2 version 22nd May 2016 HEREV2.0.0.12.

All new features of the new DV4MF2 Control Panel Version

  • comfortable and seamless integration of XTG – Extended TalkGroup Routing inside the BrandMaster-Network with many new talkgroups build-in
  • new option for selection of up to 20 different foreign languages (english / german are available build-in or by language files)
  • many improvements to reflector and call information in opmode C4FM
  • improved stability when running under Linux/Debian
  • improved program startup with many logoptions

Many further bugfixes and improvements have been tested and implemented.

Please note you need to copy the .exe file into C:Program Files (x86)DV4mini

Latest Firmware version is 1.73, You can download direct from

Don't forget that you also need to download latest firmware and upload to DV4mini via the FW Update tab.

The support for DPlus REF Reflectors is updated, this fixes dropout problems. The quality of data coming from DPlus reflectors is measured and displayed since we found that about 2 to 3% of all voice frames are missing. These missing frames are replaced with silence frames.

DV4mini is a tiny but powerful USB stick that can change any PC into a HOTSPOT for the modes D-Star, DMR (C4FM Fusion) and now DPMR. It contains a powerful 32-bit micro controller as well as a complete 70cm transceiver and modulator/demodulator for GMSK and 4FSK (including raised cosine) as well as a USB interface. It does not require its own power supply as it is powered through the USB interface. Thanks to a power saving voltage transformer even older USB interfaces will suffice.Uses a comprehensive but simple to use software package which allows for the linking with DCS reflectors for both D-Star and DMR reflectors. But remember on DMR that this will not get you into the DMR Marc network, it will only get you into the DMR plus'Hytera' network for now. To access the BrandMeister network you will need a modified copy of the software.

I am going to be testing this in my work truck with both Icom 5100 Dstar and Hytera MD785 DMR radios for when I am not in coverage of a repeater as I travel around the UK.

What is needed

1. DV4mini USB stick
3. A DV capable radio (D-Star, DMR, C4FM, P25).
4. A PC with Windows 7, 8.1, 10; Linux on a PC or an ARM
5. Internet access

You can download the user manual for the DV4mini HERE

If you want the latest release version of the software for your DV4Mini, Here is the place to download it.

Please REMEMBER that when installing the DV4 software under Windows that The Microsoft package VS2013 redistributable must be installed. The 32 bit version 'vcredist_x86.exe' is required (even on 64 bit Windows machines).

PLEASE NOTE that from version 1.64 onwards if running 64bit you ned to instal both 32 & 64 bit versions.

No USB drivers should need downloading as when you plug the DV4mini into your USB port Windows will find and download it. This can take some time so when you plug your DV4mini into your PC, do not unplug it until its finished:

When you first plug the DV4mini into your USB port. (This can take up to half a hour to find the driver)

If after half a hour this is not working you can download the driver and do a manual install: You will find the windows driver in the same place you downloaded the DV4mini software from : http://dv4m.ham-dmr.ch/

In the folder TreiberWin7-10 you will find both the 32 and 64bit drivers. You can then go to your control panel, find your DV4mini and update driver.

When it finds driver it will install it.

Your DV4mini driver is installed but remember that if you change USB port you will have to do this again.

When you first run the DV4mini software you may get a firewall warning, Just allow this.

If your software don't find the DV4mini and you just get:


This could be a IP address conflict. Open a command window 'ms-dos prompt' and type in ipconfig/release [ENTER] to close down all the IP connections then type in ipconfig/renew [ENTER] to re configure the IP connections.


If this still fail to find the DV4mini you can try to fix the IP, Click on the 'Interface Setup' / 'Expert Settings' tab and enter into the 'use fixed IP / URL' box and tick the box:

Here is the PC software connected to REF-001-C on Dstar

And here on DMR+ 4400

In DMR mode the QRG correction in very important to get right. First go to a clear reflector, I used 4403 then Click on the Expert settings tab, look at the DMR box on the right and the default correction is 0, now when you TX on your DMR radio watch the Error rate, RED is bad, YELLOW is getting there and GREEN is spot on. By adjusting the QRG + / - you will be able to find the best setting, this is normally between + & - 300

Want to know where all the DMR reflector numbers connect to from your DV4mini ?

Dv4 player for mac

The DV4Mini control software can also be used with some of the DVmega boards with a firmware update.

Programming your radios to use with the DV4Mini

Dv4 Player For Mac

Programming your D-star radios:

I program my Dstar radios the same as using the DV Mega 436.000 DUP- and offset 0

Programming your DMR radios:

436.000, 12.5 kHz wide, Talk Group 9, Color Code 1, Slot 2

Dv4 player for mac


Conclusion on the DV4Mini

Dv4 Player For Mac


Dv For Magnesium

I found the DV4Mini very easy to install and get working under both Win7 and Win10, its just a shame that a lot of the users on the DMR side of things just want to talk about the technical side getting into the network on UK-wide 4400.