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Visual foxpro free download - Visual Watermark Free, Plasma Tunnel Screensaver, Visual Watermark, and many more programs. (Mac) Free Visual SlideShow (Mac) Make SlideShow with cool effects. Microsoft visual foxpro free download - Visual Studio Code, Real Studio, FmPro Migrator, and many more programs. Jun 14, 2017 If you just bought a Mac for the design and hardware, Bootcamp is the best option to make it a Windows PC, but then you can get cheaper also nicely designed systems. If you want to run Mac software in parallel, CrossOver might be a good solution.

Getting MAC address


Getting MAC address

Hi all;
I need to create a UUID (Universal Unique ID) that will withstand 'Ghosting'. I currently generate a 36 byte UUID during install and store it in the registry and in a dbf for comparison at startup. This is fairly secure copy protection until you put Norton Ghost into the mix. My primitive ape brain thinks that using the MAC address of the network card would be more secure. However, I'll be dipped in @#$% if I can find a way to get it in VFP.

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> Note to rgbean <For
I did a search in this forum and saw your thread from about a year ago. Unfortunatly some of the links mentioned are broken now. Did you ever solve your problem?

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