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The decoding is accelerated by a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and provides real-time playback of 2k Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) or sequences of J2K images. You may want to check out more Mac applications, such as easyDCP Creator Demo, iReal Mac Blu-ray Player or Final Video Player, which might be related to easyDCP Player+ Demo. For a first experience with this software and the DCP playback we offer a free download of a special trial version of both versions of easyDCP Player(+). The trial versions allows playback of any DCP for 15 sec. EasyDCP Player+ allows also playback of DCPs/IMPs in HD SDI if a compatible adapter is available. Also included is the CineAsset ‘DCP Player’, which allows for quality control of created assets as well as playback of any file type supported by CineAsset. CineAsset can transfer files from the database over FTP to any type of Doremi server. A Final Cut Pro® plug-in has been implemented for Mac users. Dcp player free download - PUBG MOBILE - 2nd Anniversary, VRS DCP, Wireless DCP, and many more programs. DCP-o-matic — Player — KDM Creator — Encode Server — Batch Converter. MacOS 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 (Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard) DCP-o-matic — Player — KDM Creator — Encode Server — Batch Converter. DCP-o-matic — Player — KDM Creator — Encode Server —.

Modern-looking application which enables you to easily play and watch DCP files, view metadata and access well-organized Help contents

easyDCP Player is a software tool that was developed specifically to help individuals watch movies in a DCP format, be they encrypted or not.

Quick installation and clear-cut environment

The installation process does not bring any kind of surprises and it is over in a few seconds, while the UI you come face to face with happens to enclose quite a modern and clean build. As a result, it can be used by anybody with great ease, from beginners to experienced people.


The main window includes a panel where to view the image feed, as well as playback controls (play, fast forward, next or previous frame etc.), a volume bar and a few other buttons.


Change colors and control frame rate


This software utility enables you to watch DCP movies, and only upload them with the help of the incorporated file browser, as the “drag and drop” feature is not supported. Aside from that, you can easily zoom in and out, loop the video and change the playback speed, the colors and the resolution.

View an check hashes, and display metadata details

A metadata inspector enables you to view information regarding the clip, such as resolution, bit depth, quality layers, creator, title, edit rate and frame count. It is possible to check the hashes of all opened files, view logs and save them to the hard drive as an XML, run in a full screen mode and show FPS stats, drop frames, time code and source info.


To sum up, easyDCP Player is a simple, yet efficient piece of software, which does not put a strain on the system’s performance. The response time is good, the environment is friendly and there are sufficient options to keep you busy for a good period of time.

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easyDCP Player 3.8.8

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