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MacBook is more compact than a laptop and it is considered as a premium device which is belonging to Apple Inc.’s family. Though MacBook is mostly used for official work purposes, it can be greatly indulged in playing various games to reduce boredom. Big thanks are necessary to the developer-team as constant improvements of some tools are accomplishing a customer’s experience for playing various free games on MacBook. This continuous development is encouraging gamers’ experience to use their spare time properly.

  • G5 Entertainment – The Developer and Publisher of Casual and Free-to-Play games for iPhone, iPad, Android, Google Play, Kindle Fire, Windows and Mac.
  • Mac Games to download and play organized by game genre. Play the top Mac Games with no spam, no viruses, and no ads - just great Mac games to play.

Find the Best Games For MAC: Guide

The best list of Games available on Mac. Updated daily to include the lastest Free MMOs, RPGs and more for MMORPG fans.

For finding the best games, it will be a good start for you to evaluate a big list of games properly. After evaluation, a customer can check either that game is free or not as some of the games are chargeable. When you begin to think about playing games on the MacBook, firstly, it is important to free up memory and create more space. After that, clutters have to be cleared and it is important to lower down graphical card requirements. Moreover, if an individual does not want to delete anything for creating more spaces, then that individual can consider those by moving it to the cloud.

After that, the application folder has to be checked and do not forget to diminish those games which are not so important. This procedure may take a long time and it is quite difficult as different affiliated files are clinging on. A good thing is that a gamer can use different software to identify clutter and then to remove that completely. This method can make enough space to download free and best Mac games. In order to start the best Mac games, the customer has to download pro-level disk analyzer such as Disk Drill. An individual can use the “Clean up” tab for scanning the disks and to diminish unnecessary things.

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List Of Best Mac Games: Download For Free

Here it comes! There is a long list based on the best and free games on MacBook that can remove the boredom of an individual and can create a great experience for game lovers.

1. Rocket league

This game is presenting an attempt of cynical European’s for getting Americans as it is a favorite pastime for Europeans. It is a hybrid of vehicular mayhem and highly powered as well as arcade-style soccer. Physics-driven competition and an easy-to-understand fluid and control are the main TRP of this free MacBook game. It follows competitive and casual online matches and simultaneously it also has fully-featured and popular offline season-mode.

Both publisher and developer of this irresistible game are Psyonix, Inc. and it has been released on 7th July in 2015. 92 percent of 216,350 users are giving a positive review for this colorful and Mario-themed roadsters game. Among the most critically-acclaimed sports game, Rocket League is one of them and it has more than 56 million players. In online matches, a gamer can experience a weekly challenged to unlock and tier up unique rewards that can be only found in the Rocket Pass.

2. Fortnite: The Battle Royale

It is a free PvP mode of the game Fortnite and in this chapter; a gamer has up to 99 opponents. This game has been started by dropping a gamer and other 99 opponents on a large map to find resources, shields, and weapons. These resources may help to remain as the last squad member or player standing. Its survival strategies are excellent and the longer a gamer can survive, the playing area becomes tighter. It is forcing to be involved in combat, instead of searching remote areas for camping. This brutal competition is one of the finest online games for MacBook users. It delivers a Pixar-like aesthetic and undeniable victory thrill and it is developed by Epic Games Inc.

3. The Witness

Do you like puzzles? Then this game will be a perfect match for you. It is a single-player game within an open-world along with dozens of places. The main aim of this game is to explore an island based on more than 500 puzzles. A gamer can find him on a strange island and after that to regain his memory, 11 varying regions have to be explored by solving mazes. This game does not give any filtration and each puzzle has to be solved by the gamer which is combined with various new ideas. It has a requirement of Metal graphics and 5GB available space. Thekla, inc. is a provider of this interesting puzzle game and it comes along with bug fixes and improved iCloud integration.

4. Hearthstone

Blizzard Entertainment Inc has developed this digital card collectible game which is based on the famous Warcraft Universe. In this simple game, an individual has to pull 3-4 cards out of customized 30 cards’ deck (spells, minions, and weapons are featuring on cards) and the main aim is to empty the opponent’s health as soon as possible.

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5. Hitman 2

Steam game list for mac

Gamers can experience the ultimate thrill of being an agent 47 to master assassin. It requires 8GB Ram and 81GB free space. 3 new escalation contract themes, weapons and outfits are added on this season.

6. Kerbal Space-program

This quirky, hilarious and rewarding game is developed by Squad Inc and it requires a minimum 4 GB RAM and 3GB HD free space. Science mode, career mode, and sandbox are present in this game and a gamer has to take charge of the space program for the alien race (known as kerbals). This game is entirely based on an orbital physics and realistic aerodynamic feature. 91 percent of 47,244 users are providing positive reviews on this game.

7. 0 A.D.

This real-time and open-source strategy game is developed by Wildfire Games. Randomly generated battle maps are created on real ancient world geography and gamer can spend time by collecting resources and defending own camp at launching time. Wait! It is not the end! There are many other games such as Stardew Valley, Paladins, Spelunky, Portal 2, Minecraft and so on.

Final Words:

Some game developers are advertising the games for free, however, only the trial version is free of cost and to play the entire game an individual has to buy that. Not only that, some games are slowing down the MacBook processor because of its large size.

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10 best quiz games for Mac

Mac isn’t the best platform for games. It’s mostly for creative types and works as an excellent foil to Windows (and vice versa). There are games for the platform, though, and that includes quiz games. You can find them on Facebook, the Internet, Steam, and even the Mac Store in some cases. Here are the best quiz games for Mac that we could find!

Price: $0.99
Amazing Trivia is a very okay trivia game for Mac. It uses the traditional question-and-answer format. The game asks you a question and you get multiple choices for the answers. It features a variety of questions spread out among various categories. The graphics and mechanics are very simple and the game is quick to play. There aren't a whole ton of questions and some questions are fairly basic fun facts. Still, the game only goes for $0.99 on Steam so it's not like you're paying a ton of money for it.
Price: $14.99
Askutron is another traditional trivia game for Mac. This one is a little more fleshed out than the previous entry on the list. It includes over 10,000 questions across 21 categories. There are also questions from other players, local and online multiplayer, up to eight players per game, and Steam Cloud support for syncing custom quizzes and profiles. This is one of the few quiz games for Mac that are this big. We recommend looking here first, especially if you like more traditional quiz setups.
Price: $2.99
Flagsplosion is a very basic quiz game. The game contains tons of flags. Your goal is to name the proper countries, states, etc for each flag. The game contains over 100 training levels, a practice mode, an endless mode, and some of the usual fair like Steam achievements and leaderboards. This is one of those games that you can eventually memorize. However, at $2.99, it's not a bad play.
Price: $24.99 / Up to $74.96
The Jackbox Party Pack is a series of games with a ton of mini-games. There are four games in the series. Each one has its own set of mini-games. Some of them are just goofy little party games. However, there are some quiz and trivia games there as well. Each game can have at least eight players. The players control their part of the game with their smartphones. It's a little expensive at $24.99, but you can get all four titles for $74.96 and that's basically one free. This one is also available on the Mac Store if you prefer to buy it there.
Price: Free
JetPunk is a website with a ton of quizzes. The quizzes follow a similar mechanic. You get a category like Countries of the World. You must type in as many as you can in the allotted time. The player gets a score on how well they do. We took one during testing that made us type to 100 as fast as possible. It's not a deep or overly difficult quiz website. However, it's a good way to burn a few minutes if you're bored. Every quiz is free on the website. The site is supported by advertising.
Price: $5.99
Majotori is one of the more unique quiz games for Mac. This one actually has a little bit of a story line. There is a witch that grants wishes. However, characters must pass a trivia challenge before she grants them. It's an entertaining premise. The game includes 25 characters, 50 branching storylines, over 1,000 questions across four categories, and more. The questions revolve around video games, cinema, animation, and some other stuff. Those who like broader topics may not be 100% satisfied with this one. Still, it's quite fun and relatively cheap at $5.99.
Price: Free
Sporcle is another website with a bunch of quizzes. This one uses a point-and-click style of play. You pick a topic and the sites gives you stuff to click on. You click on the appropriate thing. For instance, there is a Name the Midwest States (in the United States) quiz. It gives you a map, gives you a state name, and then you click it. We prefer the JetPunk method a little more. However, this one is still pretty good for passing the time. It's also free and supported by ads.
Games for mac
Price: Free
Trivia Plaza is a website with a bunch of basic quizzes. This one follows a more traditional question-and-answer layout. It asks a question and gives you multiple choice answers. There are a couple of dozen categories, each with a dozen or two quizzes. It's not the most diverse website for this stuff. The site is the easiest to use out of all the websites mentioned in this article, though. It's also completely free with advertising. There isn't much else to say about it, honestly. It's just a nice, simple quiz website.
Price: $1.99
True of False 2 is a very simple quiz game on Steam. It gives you a fun fact that may or may not be accurate. Your goal is to choose which is which. There really isn't much else to the game. That's probably why it only goes for $1.99. There are enough questions to make the game feel fresh for quite some time as well. Perhaps our favorite thing about this one is that you can get bundled with Amazing Trivia for a discounted price. That's two simple trivia games for under $3.00. That's not bad at all.
Price: $4.99
The Ultimate Trivia Challenge is probably not the ultimate trivia challenge. It is, however, a decent trivia game. It features a variety of questions from nine categories, including movies, people and places, science, music, sports, famous quotes, and spelling. Additionally, it has a party mode with up to four players, full controller support, and it's family friendly. This one is relatively new. We didn't see any problems during our testing, but we also tested on a Windows machine for this one. It may have the occasional bug or repeated question. Just a heads up, really.

If we missed any great quiz games for Mac, tell us about them in the comments!

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