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Even though Macs are not listed amongst the system this webcam will run on and in spite of Amazon reviews suggesting it works with Mac, I found that it didn’t work for me on my Mac, not without some additional software — I have an 11″ MacBook Air under OS X 10.10 Yosemite. So why buy it? For the purportedly awesome HD quality and H.264 audio compression. I’ll speak to those claims when I have more experience with the camera. For now I want to quickly help you get the camera working on Mac.


First test the webcam out to see if it’s going to plug and play for you and your Mac, hopefully you won’t need to buy the software I’m about to recommend to you.

Logitech hd pro webcam c920 mac os xLogitech hd pro webcam c920 for mac

If you’re not able to switch inputs to your HD Pro Webcam C920, buy and install the Webcam Settings app for $7.99 from the App Store. Launch the Web Settings app and make a test recording in QuickTime Player: File>New Movie Recording.

If a yellow alert triangle shows up in QT Player’s controls you need to select your camera, microphone and quality settings by clicking on the down arrow next to the red record button.

Logitech Hd Pro C920 Macos

Select your HD Pro Webcam C920 as the target camera and microphone and adjust the quality as it suits you — either High or Maximum. Now try Skype, FaceTime and any other app that your might need the webcam to work with. The Web Settings app gives you a lot more control over your camera than Apple’s own software does for either their FaceTime or iSight cameras — something you’ll appreciate if you want to make quality HD recordings. Enjoy. Suggested reading: Amazon reviews of the HD Pro Webcam C920

Logitech hd pro webcam c920 macbook

Plug it in. Provided you are using Mac OS X version later than 10.4.8, no other setup is required.

OS X versions later than 10.4.8 provides all the software your C920 needs for operation with Apple camera apps including those shown in OS X Mavericks: Use your Mac computer’s built-in camera.

Logitech Hd Pro C920 For Mac

Logitech Hd Pro C920 Compatible Mac

Unless you are using your camera with Windows® OS, I suggest that you not install any Logitech software. The software that Logitech includes with the camera may offer additional features over Mac OS X alone, but some Mac OS X users find that the Logitech software conflicts with some of their system elements or other installed third-party software.

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