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MP3 is one of the most popular audio formats that are profoundly used by most people. It had gained popularity due to its ability to compress a file to one tenth of its original size by discarding the information that cannot be perceived by the human ear. The quality of the audio did not appear to be much compromised. However it did not stand to meet the high quality requirements of the iPhone users. M4A was developed by Apple, it is superior to MP3 in providing a lossless file compression and subsequent increase in quality. Apart from the technical aspects a more appealing factor is that it is not restricted by the Digital Rights Management. It is very essential to use the best MP3 to M4A audio converter like UniConverter for best results. Learn more about how to use iSkysoft iMedia Converter and iTunes for converting MP3 files to M4A on your PC.

Download To MP3 Converter Free for macOS 10.7 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎To MP3 Converter Free encodes more than 200 audio and video formats to MP3 in one click. Get quality MP3 effortlessly:. Convert audio or video to MP3 in one click. Get the best possible quality of MP3s with auto settings. Transfer tags from source files. Whenever you want to convert your MP3 files to M4A format, you shouldn’t think of it as a hard task to do; we have discussed on easy and free ways to convert MP3 to M4A on your Windows or Mac OS. How to Convert MP3 to M4A with iTunes; Part 2. How to Quickly Convert MP3 to M4A; Part 3. How to Convert MP3 to M4A Online; Part 1. M4A is Apple’s modification of MPEG-4 (MP4) media container containing audio files. Since the original media container could contain various data — video, audio, and others — Apple created its own extensions that would allow users to distinguish exactly what content is inside the file.

Part 1. Convert MP3 to M4A with No Quality Loss

UniConverter is the ultimate tool you can choose to meet your media requirements to convert audio and video files from one format to the other. It supports about 150 different formats to facilitate conversion virtually to any kind of format on the globe. The software stand at its best to perform compressing, recording, streaming, downloading and burning media files with additional functionalities for adding and enhancing visual and sound effects to the media files. It is the best MP3 to M4A audio converter, as it has a simple user interface and facilitates easy navigation through the product even for novice users. You can get deeper insight to UniConverter’s capabilities by counting on its salient features.

M4a Mp3 Converter For Mac Free

Get UniConverter - Video Converter

  • Easy MP3 to M4A Conversions: The conversion of MP3 files into M4A format can be done in batch or single file conversions.
  • Simple Steps for Instant Conversion of MP3 Files: It takes only 3 steps to perform the conversion.
  • Speedy and efficient Conversions: The MP3 to M4A conversion speed is 90X faster.
  • Best Media Quality: The quality of the converted audio and video files as par excellent.
  • Edit MP3 Files before conversion: It houses editing features like trim, crop, watermark, brightness, volume and rotate.
  • Organize and Merge Media Files: The software can be used to rearrange parts of media files and later merge them into a single file.
  • Screenshot: It can be used to play DVDs and to take screen shots of the video.
  • DVD Compatible: It is a complete DVD toolkit, allowing you to burn, backup, convert to different DVD formats and to edit the DVD before converting.
3,981,454 people have downloaded it

Steps to Convert MP3 to M4A Using iSkysoft

Unlike the Windows version, the Mac version of UniConverter does not extend support to DRM-protected audio files. The procedure to convert files with UniConverter is generic for audio and video files for all combination of media formats. Here are the simple steps for conversion.

Step 1: Add MP3 files to this MP3 to M4A converter

Launch the MP3 to M4A converter after installation. You can add input file or a batch of MP3 files to the converter by drag and drop the preferred file from the finder program, or choose File and click Load Media files to locate the mp3 file.

Step 2: Choose the output audio format (M4A)

Choose an audio format M4A from the Audio category. Apart from MP3 to M4A conversions, users can perform other media conversions such as MP3 to AAC, AIFF, FLAC, AA, WMV, OGG and more.

Step 3: Start converting MP3 to M4A

Change the settings of the M4A output file if you like. In the audio settings window, you can alter the codec, channel, bit rate and sample rate as per your requirements. Higher bit rate and sample rate is always associated with better audio quality and large file size, while smart fit option or a lesser rating on bit rate and sample rate means a smaller sized file. Then choose a destination folder from output folder icon or you can keep the same default folder settings. Click the convert button. All the imported MP3 files will be converted to M4A format.

Part 2. How to Convert MP3 to M4A in iTunes

MP3 was developed by Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG). It is an audio format that uses lossy data compression technique to reduce its file size, yet it doesn’t let the listeners to find any change in quality. M4A was developed by Apple with Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) technique and it performs a lossless audio compression. The conversion from MP3 to M4A becomes mandatory when you look for more quality and less disk space utilization. iTunes is the default tool that you could consider to convert a MP3 file into a M4A format. Here is guideline to perform the MP3 to M4A audio conversion.

Step 1: Launch iTunes, add MP3 files to library and then open Preference.

Step 2: Go to ‘Import Settings’ of Preference and choose ‘AAC Encoder’ and click ok.

Step 3: Select and right click the target MP3 audio file to create AAC version. iTunes will create and store a M4A version of the file under the same name.

'I have downloaded my favorite songs from iTunes and the songs are in the format of M4A, but they can not be played on my phone. How to solve this problem?'

If you have some M4A files and want to enjoy them on your desired players or devices, you may find it a little difficult, as M4A format is not a common audio format in daily life. Then how to solve this problem? An easy and quick method is to change the M4A file format. To enjoy the music on any media player and devices, you can convert M4A to MP3, which is a common and popular audio format. This article will introduce you the top 7 M4A to MP3 converter to help you turn M4A to MP3 on Windows, Mac, and mobile phones. Just go on reading to find the software that is best for you.

How to Convert M4A to MP3 on Windows 10 PC

To help you convert M4A to MP3 on Windows quickly and easily, we will illustrate the process to convert M4A to MP3 with EaseUS Video Editor and Windows media player. These two applications are well appreciated.

1. EaseUS Video Editor

EaseUS Video Editor is a versatile video and audio editor. With more than 300 visual effects and many basic and advanced editing tools, you can create fantastic movies easily professionally, like making collage video. Apart from a video editor, it is also an amazing audio converter, which enables you to change audio format with a few simple clicks. Before conversion, it offers you options to trim, cut, and apply sound effects to your audio file.

  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Support many common and popular file formats, like MP3, MP4, WAV, MKV, etc.
  • Offer many overlays, filters, and transitions to help you create a brilliant movie
  • Allow you to cut, trim, split, rotate, speed up/slow down, and reverse video
  • Help you make picture in picture video with ease

You can check the following steps to convert M4A to MP3 with EaseUS Video Editor.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Video Editor and choose an aspect ratio.

Step 2. Import the source file. Drag and drop it to the audio track in the timeline.

Step 3. Right-click on the source file. Choose 'Edit' and click the 'Speed' and 'Volume' option to customize settings.

Step 4. Click on 'Export' and choose the 'MP3' button on the audio menu. Then save the converted files on your computer. You may change settings by clicking 'Output settings'.

2. Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is a free and open-source media player for Windows users, which can play many media files like MKV, MP3, and WAV. Is it only a video player? Of course not. It is also a simple audio converter for beginners. If you only need to convert M4A to MP3, this free M4A to MP3 can satisfy all your needs. Now let's see how it works to change M4A into MP3 format.

Step 1. Open Windows Media Player. Select the M4A file and import it to the Windows Media Player.

Step 2. Go to the top left corner and click 'Organize.' Then choose the 'Option' and 'RIP Music' button in turn.

Step 3. Click on the 'RIP Music' button and choose 'MP3' format. If you want to change the destination of the converted files, you can click on the 'Change' button to change the location.

How to Convert M4A to MP3 on Mac with iTunes and VLC

For Mac users, there also are two free M4A to MP3 converter for you to change M4A to MP3. One is the built-in media player - iTunes, and the other is a free and open-source software - VLC Media Player.

1. iTunes

iTunes is a fantastic program on Mac. Using it, you can enjoy a lot of incredible and favorite songs with high quality. Actually, playing music is just a part of its functions, it also can help you do some simple format conversion. If you want to convert M4A file to MP3 without efforts, just follow the below detailed tutorials.

Step 1. Open iTunes and import the M4A file to iTunes.

Step 2. Choose 'iTunes' > 'Preferences'. Click the 'Import Settings' button in the General Preferences window.

Step 3. Click 'Import Using' to select 'MP3 Encoder' option. Then select the 'OK' button and return to iTunes 'Music Library.'

Step 4. Choose the M4A file you want to convert and click the 'Advanced' menu. Select the 'Create MP3 Version.' Then you can get the MP3 version in a few minutes.

2. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is an open-source media player. It supports many popular audio and video formats, like MP4, MP3, MKV, and so on. So for converting M4A to MP3, it is a good option for you to try.

Step by step to turn M4A into MP3 with VLC:

Step 1. Open VLC and move to 'Media'> 'Convert/Save'

Step 2. In the Open Media window, click 'File'> 'Add'> 'Convert/Save'> 'Convert.'

Step 3. In the Convert window, choose the 'Audio-MP3' option in the Profile. Then find a location of the converted file from the Browse option and click 'Start.'

Step 4. Converting M4A to MP3 is in process. After completion, your MP3 version will be saved.

How to Convert M4A to MP3 on Windows 10 and Mac Online

You want to convert M4A to MP3, but you are unwilling to download and install any M4A to MP3 converter on your computer. Then how to deal with it?

Take it easy. Convertio will help you complete the job. This online M4A to MP3 converter supports more than 25600 different conversions between 300 different file formats, in addition, it offers that all the conversion will take place in the cloud and will not consume any capacity of your computer. While converting, you can choose quality, codec, and other settings to enrich your M4A files.

Here's how to convert M4A to MP3 online:

Step 1. Upload your M4A file to Convertio

Step 2. Choose MP3 format as the output version and click 'Convert'

Step 3. Download the MP3 version


How to Convert M4A to MP3 on iPhone and Android

M4a To Mp3 Converter Pc

Can I convert M4A to MP3 on my mobile phones in an emergency? Yes! In this part, we will show you two great applications to help you convert M4A to MP3 on your iPhone or Android.

1. M4A to MP3 Converter [Android]

M4A to MP3 Converter is a useful application, which supports many file formats, including M4A, M4B, M4P, and many more. You can easily convert other audio formats into MP3 format using this app. Most importantly, you can use it without the internet.

Below are the tutorials about converting M4A to MP3 on Android.

Step 1. Download this app and open it. Then select your M4A file that you want to convert.

Step 2. Hit the 'Convert' icon and all the MP3 files will be saved on folder Phone/M4A-To-Mp3-Converter after conversion.

Download address:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=smartapps38.music.m4a.to.mp3.converter&hl=de

2. The Audio Converter [iPhone]

The Audio Converter is a free app for iPhone users. It can convert your audio and video files into nearly any major audio format, except for converting M4A to MP3. Moreover, after conversion, you can preview the file and easily open it in another app, like document editor of choice, and you can always get your converted files on computer with iTunes. All the conversions are done on a secure cloud server, which makes conversion easier and much more battery-friendly.

Step by step to convert M4A to MP3 on iPhone:

Run Free M4a To Mp3 Converter

Step 1. Download the app and open it, then select the input M4A file.

M4a To Mp3 Converter For Mac Free Download

Step 2. Choose your output format, here you can choose MP3. After that, press the 'Convert' button and wait a few seconds.

Step 3. You can share your MP3 file or listen to it on your device.

Download address:https://apps.apple.com/us/app/the-audio-converter/id889643660

To sum up

Free M4a Converter

You can find the M4A to MP3 converter that is best for you to change M4A format, no matter what devices you use. If you happen to be a Windows user, you must try EaseUS Video Editor. Besides supporting converting audio and video formats, it also enables you to edit your video with reversing, cutting, splitting, rotating, and other amazing editing tools. Last but not least, you can edit audio and video in just a few simple steps with it!

FAQs About Converting M4A to MP3

There are some searches related to convert M4A to MP3. If you have some other questions, you can read on to find out.

1. How do I convert from M4A to MP3?

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Video Editor and import the M4A file.

Step 2. Drag and drop the W4A file to the timeline. Then double click to edit it.

Step 3. Choose the 'MP3' button and export the MP3 version.

2. Can I convert M4A to MP3 in Windows Media Player?

Step 1. Open Windows Media Player. Drag and drop the M4A file to the Media Library.

Step 2. On the left top menu, click on 'Organize' and choose the 'Option' and 'RIP Music' button in turn.

Step 3. In the Option window, go to the 'Format' button and choose 'MP3' option. Then you can get the MP3 version.

3. What is the best M4A to MP3 Converter?

EaseUS Video Editor is the best M4A to MP3 Converter. You can make an MP3 version in simple three steps: import the M4A file, choose the format of the converted file and export the MP3 version.

4. How do I convert M4A to MP3 on Android?

First, you should download a file converter app like M4A to MP3 converter. Second, select the file and choose the version of the converted file. Last, export and save it.