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  1. These writing apps will help you if you are a news article writer, screenplay writer, script writer or any other. Some of them are paid and some of them are free. The paid tools are so affordable that you can purchase them easily. Best Writing Apps for Mac. 1 Microsoft Word.
  2. Windows Speech Recognition. Windows (7 or later) also has free device-based speech recognition software available. To turn this feature on, go to your Windows Control Panel and click the Settings icon.Click on the Ease of Access settings, the click the Speech menu option.Make sure that the toggle button for Speech Recognition is turned on. Press the Windows key + H to start using the.

There are many people who are just fond of writing and for their writing, they just need the right tool. The combination of a perfect writing tool and the writer can deliver some of the best and unique forms of writing. There is an enormous amount of writing tools present which can help you to reach your destination. Today we will be discussing on some special writing apps for MAC devices. These apps are leading in the MAC world and many of the users are using this.

The writing apps for Mac which we will be discussing today comes loaded with different types features and people using those apps gave very positive reviews. So without doing any further delay let’s start the discussion.

The 15 Best Mac Apps to Make Everyday Life Easier. Apple's macOS is a good operating system, but it's missing some key ingredients. But there are templates for other things like novel-writing.

Remember this app won’t elevate your writing skills it can just modify your writings.

Here are Best Writing Apps for Mac

Listed below are some of the best writing apps for Mac which you should check out in order to get the best of the writing experience.

1) Ulysses

Ulysses is a multitasking writing app for Mac where you can write different types and patterns of writing like if you want to write short things you can do that or if you want to go for big things even you can do that too. As soon as you open this app you will be greeted with a beautiful interface which is very advanced looking.

The design of the interface is so nice that you can easily get into the system instantly. The app is divided very smartly into three division. The middle pane, the left pane, and the right pane.

The left pane of the app consists of the library place where you will get different types of things like your menu, folders, trashes etc. Here you will also get the option to store your writings on the cloud storage. Coming to the middle pane which is also known as sheet where you will find all your individual documents.

The right pane is the most important part it is the text editor place where you do all your main works. This app supports different types of formats which can help you to get the best of the writing facilities. This app is not available for free it will cost you around $44.99 which looks quite a decent with a feature loaded like this.

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2) Scrivener

Talking about Scrivener this app is very close to Ulysses and comes loaded with different types of features. But if we take a deeper look at this app then only we can explore the lacking of this app. The first thing which should be developed is the user interface. The user interface looks quite complicated and many needs time to get familiar with this app.

Many people find this app not much comfortable. Now let us find out some of the best and important features of Scrivener. The most attractive thing about this app is that they come with the best of the organization facility which really helps you to maintain your works.

Even finding your document gets very easy as they come loaded with the dedicated search bar which helps you to find your documents instantly.

Just like the previous app this app too can support different types of formats which help you to elevate your work. Even sharing your works gets easy with this app. At Scrivener, you can even add different types of layouts like underline, border, margin, Bold etc.

All these things elevate your work experience. To use this app you have to pay $44.99 which is just the cost of the previous one but with all the features loaded here this price worth it.

3) I A Writer

This is a very simple looking writing app which gets a bunch of features on it. The user interface of this app is very simple not like the other apps mentioned above. It is a bright and attractive looking app which gets easily connected with the users.

The main focus of this app is given mainly in writing so as such no fancy coloring is given on the app. coming to its user ability.

The app is very comfortable to handle and many writers recommend this app for writing. Here you can put different types of formats as the system supports all. Even saving any file gets easy with the help of this app.

If you want to get in the navigation portion of this app just slide right and you will be into the navigation portion. The searching portion is advanced as the system gets its own searching space which can help you to get access to your files and documents easily.

The most attractive part about this app is that, while you are writing anything the line which you will be writing get the highlight and the rest of the line above will be in a gray color which helps you to concentrate on your work more.

The price of this app is far less as compared to that of the previous ones. It is priced around $9.99 which is quite an affordable and reasonable.

4) Bear

This is the last and the most effective app for writing. With the help of this app you can write both small and long notes and it as effective as the previously mentioned apps. There are many people across the globe who are using this app at an extensive rate.

The user interface of this app is even very attractive looking and works well as compared to that of the other apps. The most important features of this app are it is very simple and support almost all kinds of formats. The main reason why this app is on our list is it is free to use. But the pro version of this app will cost you $14.99 per year.

Conclusion on Best Writing Apps for Mac


So, these were some of the important writing apps for the Mac. Many people across the globe are using those apps and came with some of the best of the writers. The apps mentioned above are best in class and comes loaded with different types of features. Some of the apps might cost you but with features loaded the price worth it. So, what you are waiting for use one of those apps and give your writing a new flow.

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macOS is a very stable platform for doing various tasks. If you are a writer and you often visit various places, there is no better device than a MacBook. If you have recently purchased a MacBook or you have switched from Windows to Mac and you want to install a writing app, here are the best suggestions you can take a look at. These writing apps will help you if you are a news article writer, screenplay writer, script writer or any other. Some of them are paid and some of them are free. The paid tools are so affordable that you can purchase them easily.

Best Writing Apps for Mac

1] Microsoft Word

No matter whether you are writing a screenplay or essay or story or anything else, Microsoft Word is always the best choice. Microsoft Word is one of the best tools in this category that you can have on your computer. There are several reasons, why you should use Microsoft Word as a writing app for Mac. First, you will get OneDrive synchronization. That means you can directly save your articles on OneDrive and share them with anybody. Second, it comes with handy features that will let you create article for web as well as desktop. Third, it has a beautiful, neat and clean user interface that creates a good environment for writing for a longer time. You might not get as many features as Microsoft Word for Windows, but it is equally good. The best thing is if you install any font in your system, it will come up in the Microsoft Word as well.

2] Pages

Pages is an inbuilt tool that you can find on macOS and you can start writing with the help of this app right after getting a MacBook. The user interface of Pages looks pretty good and elegant and therefore, you should not have any problem using it for writing on everyday basis. The best thing is you can download templates to create beautiful document with the help of Pages app for macOS. Another useful thing is you can find real-time collaboration option so that you and your team can work on document from being in a remote location. Being said that, all the documents created by Pages get synchronized with iCloud and therefore, you can access them from anywhere once created. For security, you can find Touch ID or Face unlock option. However, this is not available in all the versions of MacBook.

3] NeoOffice

NeoOffice is another very handy writing app that comes with some other tools as well to manage spreadsheets and more. It doesn’t matter whether you have Microsoft Word document or OpenOffice document, you can certainly open their files and start working right away. NeoOffice is a feature-rich and useful tool that comes dark mode, which is quite useful if you are working at a low light area. The user interface of NeoOffice Writer is a pretty good and you should not get any problem using it for doing your work. However, this writing app is not available for free and it will cost you around $15. Talking about availability, you can download it for macOS Sierra or later version.

4] LibreOffice

Best Free Writing Apps For Ios

LibreOffice is a great alternative to Microsoft Office package for Windows as well as Mac. However, the LibreOffice Writer app is a great writing tool for macOS. It is available for almost all the new versions of Mac and therefore, it has gained a lot of popularity. It comes with a typical user interface with the ability to change font, look and so on. Apart from that, you can create and edit document those are compatible with Microsoft Word. As this is an open-source program, you can find a lot of add-ons for LibreOffice so that you can increase your productivity while using this app. Like Microsoft Word and iWork Pages, you can download a lot of templates so that you can create beautiful looking documents within moments.

5] Ulysses

Ulysses is a very useful writing app for Mac that you can download to get more out of your computer. If you need a clean and distraction free writing app to concentrate on your writing, Ulysses is probably the best option you can have. You can get markup-based text editor, themeable editor, keyboard navigation, typewriter mode, Hierarchic Groups, Attachments, Auto-Save & Automatic Backup, Live Preview, Built-In Export Styles and more others. The best thing is you can save your document in iCloud or any other cloud storage including Dropbox. The best thing is if you have a blog on WordPress or Medium and you want to publish article on them, you can do so right from this app called Ulysses. This is also possible to set a writing goal so that you can motivate yourself and increase your productivity. This beautiful writing app will cost you around $4.99/month or $39.99/year.

Writing Apps For Mac Computer Free

6] Bear

Although you can use Bear as a note taking app, this is also possible to use the Bear app as a writing app on your Mac computer. it doesn’t matter whether you are a blogger, writer, student, lawyer, or anything else, you can certainly use this writing app to get your work done. Regarding features, you will get these:

  • Tools stay out of your way so you can just write
  • One-tap formatting on iPhone and iPad with a custom shortcut bar
  • Create new notes with Siri and your wonderful voice
  • Dictate and append to recent notes with your Apple Watch
  • Pick from over a dozen themes for the perfect writing space
  • Add #tags, #multi-word tags# and even #multiple/nested/tags anywhere in a note for quick organization
  • Add tasks to notes to stay on track
  • Archive notes to keep them around, but out of your way
  • Use Cross-Note Links to build a body of work, reference other notes, and more
  • Pick custom icons to help important tags stand out in the Sidebar

Mac App For Writing Papers

You can synchronize your writings via iCloud. Talking about pricing, you need to spend $1.49/month or $14.99/year.

Mac Apps For Script Writing

That’s all! These are some of the best writing apps for Mac that you can download today. Check all of them one by one and then opt for one so that you can know which one is most suitable for you.