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Part 2. How to Transfer Files from Nokia to Mac with 1 Click

While the method in part one above s very helpful when you want to transfer photos and videos from your Nokia device to your Mac, it may not be the ideal solution when you want to transfer other types of data from your device to your Mac. Lucky for you, we have solution that is easy to use and also comprehensive enough to allow you to transfer any type of data between devices. This solution is MobileTrans - Backup and the following are some of the features that make it the ideal solution for you to use.

To begin, you will need to download Nokia Photo Transfer for Mac to your Mac Pc. Then, connect the Nokia device to the computer using USB cables. When you launch the program, the photos will automatically appear in the program. You will also notice that there are several options for you at the bottom of the window.

  • It is fast, efficient and very easy to use. There are no complicated steps. All you need to is connect the Nokia device to the computer and data transfer is done in a few simple steps.
  • Nokia Suite for Mac by Nokia has not been developed yet, but fortunately, this list with alternatives, will allow you to find similar software titles that can easily transfer and synchronize files between your Nokia device and your Mac. These alternatives can easily replace Nokia Suite for Mac. Nokia PC Suite offers you several useful application which will allow you to manage your mobile by using your PC. Either you have one of those new full featured Nokia Mobile phones such as N95, N93. Or other Nokia mobile phone, Nokia PC Suite will be really useful if you want to connect and manage your mobile from your PC. Nokia PC Suite is a powerful and feature-rich tool that can transfer data between a Nokia device and a computer. Unfortunately, when you switch to Mac, Nokia PC Suite by Nokia is not something you can use. Here are some alternatives that can easily replace Nokia PC Suite for Mac.


    Nokia Pc Suite For Android

    Nokia pc suite for lumia
  • It can be used to transfer all types of data including photos, videos, music, contacts, messages and other data between devices.
  • You can also use to restore data back to your Nokia device from all backup solutions including iTunes and computer.

  • Here’s how to use the program to transfer data from your Nokia device to your Mac.

    Step 1. Download and install MobileTrans to your computer and then launch the program. Connect the Nokia device to the computer using USB cables and then click on “Back Up Your iPhone” in the program’s main window.

    Step 2. Once the program detects the device, you should see all the different types of data you can transfer displayed in the resultant window. Select the data you want to transfer and then click “Start” to initiate the process.

    Pc Suite For Nokia Mac Os X 10

    Step 3. Wait for the process to be complete. It may take some time depending on the amount of data on your device. Once the process is complete, you can simply click on the popuped window to view the transferred data on your Mac.

    Use the Nokia PC Suite via Virtual PC or Parallels Desktop 9 comments Create New Account
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    Use the Nokia PC Suite via Virtual PC or Parallels Desktop

    I can't speak for VPC but the recent builds of Parallels (v2.6, b3188.0) solved this problem.

    Use the Nokia PC Suite via Virtual PC or Parallels Desktop

    Yes for Parallels: but Virtual PC is still at version 7.0.2 (where the Nokia USB problem exists); and it seems unlikely that there will be any updates in the future, as Microsoft sadly seems to have decided to discontinue development of the Mac version of Virtual PC (which is an excellent program, even better than the PC version!).
    Anyway, it would be cool if there could be something like a 7.0.3 update which resolves all remaining problems, but maybe this is rather unlikely.
    At least, Apple and Microsoft should think seriosuly about Mac OS X 10.5.x compatibility for Virtual PC 7, considering that Leopard will be available also for G4/G5 PPC Macs and that Virtual PC is a very important application for many of us.

    Use the Nokia PC Suite via Virtual PC or Parallels Desktop

    Not for me and a 6610 via USB. Also my build 3188 is a version of 2.5xxx (I believe).

    Use the Nokia PC Suite..not with Parallels 2.5 or Nokie 6682..

    There seems to be a known issue with 66xx and PC Suite with 3188. Now when I synch my 6682 it gets 90% of the way thru and then throws an error, and does not reconnect until I reboot.
    When I had 1970 [a build of 2.0] I had no problems with Parallels.
    If you haven't already, you should also go to the Parallels Forums and tell them about this.
    Either spawn another thread for your 6610 or look for mine. Search Nokia PC Suite.
    Leo of BORG
    @ some smaller .org

    Use the Nokia PC Suite via Virtual PC or Parallels Desktop

    Same as the comment before, I use the Nokia Pc Suite through Parallels since some months.
    USB support was fixed in some old beta release and works perfectly fine here.

    Use the Nokia PC Suite via Virtual PC or Parallels Desktop

    I can't get either 6.82 or 6.83 to work with the C-42 cable (Windows BSOD) or Bluetooth (not found) with Parallels 3188. Very frustrating - should anyone have ideas, I'm all ears.

    Use the Nokia PC Suite via Virtual PC or Parallels Desktop

    Tested on Nokia 9300 (latest firmware) and connectivity cable coming free with it (DKU-2).
    I just say, I should read this hint 2 days ago :) So my 100 virtual reboots, 20 cable driver installations were for nothing.
    Works all fine! Can't thank enough.
    (Quad G5+VPC Latest+10.4.10+Firmware latest+DKU-2 cable)
    ps: Nokia bluetooth transfer speeds on pre N series are horrible, you didn't lose anything not being able to connect via bluetooth
    ps2: Ever seen the quality of bluetooth stack of windows? :) Horrible, no less. Perhaps they don't include BT support for that reason. Let them don't see how horrible OS it is? lol
    ps3: Based on the kernel extensions we unload (harmless), I think there were some Nokia project to support OS X out of the box (full!) and they cancelled it. The things we unload are actually related to things phone supports.

    Use the Nokia PC Suite via Virtual PC or Parallels Desktop

    The blog that is linked to in this hint has a BROKEN link to the usbfix.sh file!! If anyone here that already had downloaded the file (and still has it) could possibly share it with me, that would be great! Preferably, the original hint poster. :) Thanks.

    Use the Nokia PC Suite via Virtual PC or Parallels Desktop

    Nokia Pc Suite Windows 7

    I tried to answer to your email, but there were repeated errors in delivery; so I answer you here: sadly, I don't have that script anymore, but you could always try to email the Nokia Blog and see if they still have it...
    Good luck! :-)