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  1. Download and convert videos from YouTube, Facebook, and thousands of other video sites.
  2. Video Downloader professional - download and save videos playing on a website to hard disk - select between different resolutions if the site supports it ( e.g. At Vimeo) - play found MP4 videos via Google Chromecast on your TV or play it on your Google Home. add videos easily to your video list.

YouTube is a great video-sharing platform on which people can upload and watch videos on all matter of topics. Here you can find videos of tutorials, reviews, entertainment, advertisements, or any other purpose. But using YouTube requires that you are online – YouTube doesn’t offer a direct download option for video lovers. Fortunately, people out there can use video downloader tools like Gihosoft TubeGet to save their favorite YouTube videos onto their computer to watch later.

With Any Video Converter. Any Video Converter is one of the YouTube video downloaders for Mac. You'll learn how to professionally (legally) download Facebook videos to your computer whether you're using a Mac or PC computer. With this simple Chrome plu. Free YouTube Downloader for Mac can download YouTube videos on Mac for free in 3 ways. Read on and learn how to do.

What if you don’t want to install third-party programs on your computer? Browser extensions and plug-ins can also do the download work for you. There are a number of YouTube video downloader Chrome extensions when it comes to downloading videos from YouTube using Google Chrome. In this article, we’re going to introduce you the 4 best Chrome extensions that you can use to download YouTube videos for offline viewing.

Plugin To Download Youtube Videos For Mac
  • 1. Video Downloader Professional
  • 2. FastestTube
  • 3. YouTube Video Downloader
  • 4. Flash Video Downloader

1. Video Downloader Professional

Want to download videos that is available on the page? You can try Video Downloader Professional. It is one of the most popular YouTube video downloader Chrome extensions. Once you’ve install the plugin, it will add an icon in the toolbar next to the address bar. And the icon will turn green if it finds a downloadable video on the active page. If you want to save the video, just click on the extension icon and you will get the complete list of all the videos that can be downloaded from that page. Also, it shows the video format, file name and video size to be downloaded.

2. FastestTube

FastestTube is another great Chrome extensions to download YouTube videos which offers brilliant stuffs to its users. You can use this extension in most standard web browser like Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Opera, other than Chrome. It is not available on Chrome web store, but it is still easy to download and install. After adding this extension, you will find a Download option whenever you open a video in the browser. Then you can download your favorite videos from YouTube hassle-free.

3. YouTube Video Downloader

Same as the above-mentioned FastestTube, YouTube Video Downloader is an extension compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Opera and many other browsers. And it is not available on Chrome web store, too. You should head to the extension’s website to download it. After you’ve added this extension to Chrome, you will see a green download button next to the subscribe button on YouTube’s interface when you open a YouTube video. In a word, YouTube Video Downloader extension makes it really easy to save videos from YouTube for you own use.

4. Flash Video Downloader

Last but not the least, Flash Video Downloader is another helpful Chrome extension to download videos from YouTube. The extension adds its icon to Chrome’s toolbar when you install it. The icon in the Chrome toolbar remains gray by default. It will automatically turn blue when it detects a downloadable video in the active page. Just like other extensions mentioned in this list, to download the video, you can simply click on the blue extension icon and it will bring a drop-down window which shows the found media files and their quality. This YouTube video downloader extension is able to download 4K videos from YouTube, as well as Full HD, MP3 etc.

How to Download YouTube Videos in Chrome

Now we’ve covered the 4 best Chrome extensions for downloading and saving YouTube videos without having to install anything on your computer. All these extensions are guaranteed to work well. Here we will take Flash Video Downloader extension as example to show you how to download YouTube videos in Chrome step-by-step.

  1. Go to Google Chrome web store and search for “Flash Video Downloader” extension.
  2. Click “Add to Chrome” then choose “Add extension” from the pop-up to add Flash Video Downloader extension to your Chrome.
  3. Whenever you see a video on YouTube or other websites, just click the extension and choose the video quality, then click “Download”,


No matter if Google permits or not, videos can be downloaded with ease by using these extensions and plug-ins. If you want to download the videos in a legal manner, then you can buy the YouTube Red account for which you have to pay $9.99 as the subscription fee. But you can save these bucks if you use these extensions If you are using some other extensions for the downloading purpose, then please let us know in the comments section below. Also, you’re welcome to discuss the issues you encountered during the using of these extensions. We will try to resolve it and give you the possible solution for that.

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Finding your favorite videos and maintaining libraries weren’t easy in the past. But thanks to YouTube, world’s largest online videos database that allows you to find your desired video content and add it to your favorites list, within seconds. However, not everyone is satisfied with this mechanism, as it requires a high-speed internet connection to access your favorites at any time of the day. This is when you look to find a tool that could keep your favorites on your own local storage drives.

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Alright, in this article, you will find some useful and free tools that can be mounted on you operating system and are capable enough to download the desired video on your PC. Although some of the tools stated here under are functional on diverse range of operating systems, all of them are attuned to Apple Mac OSX. Refer to the subsequent section for further details.

Download with Safari web browser

This is the most easy and highly practiced method to download YouTube videos on Mac OSX. The technique does not require you to download and install any third party utility to get the thing done. If you are a regular user of Safari web browser, you should not have a hitch in trying it out. But if you are not, you have to switch to this Apple’s very own web browser, at least for YouTube. See the instructions below to get started.

  • Open Safari web browser and log on to
  • Navigate to your desired content and pause the video just after it starts playing
  • Let the progress bar reach to the end and then click Window in the menu bar
  • Locate the entry similar to the name of video you have opened and click it
  • The video will start downloading

4K Video Downloader

This useful video downloader is extremely low in size and high in utility. Theuser interface is the simplest to work upon. Most of all, such a worth is offered without charging you a penny. It has the ability to mount up on your Mac OSX as well as other operating systems within no time. The simple procedure to download a YouTube video using 4K Video Downloader is stated below.

  • Go to 4K Video Downloader webpage to download and install the utility
  • Navigate to the chosen video and copy its URL
  • Place the URL in 4K Video Downloader by clicking Paste URL button
  • On the next screen titled as Download Clip, select the quality and click on the Download button
  • The downloading will start in the next second


Mozilla Firefox not only helps you with smart and fast web browsing, but also offers a number of free plug-ins, which are valuable at certain instances. In order to download a YouTube video using Firefox, install the add-on named DownloadHelper. To get this for free,

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, click Tools in the menu bar and go for Add-ons
  • Search and install the plug-in named DownloadHelper and restart Firefox
  • Navigate to a video on YouTube and you will see a spinningicon of DownloadHelper

Click it to get the download started

Please note that the download time is limited to 8 minutes. To download a video exceeding this limit, you would need to click the icon multiple times.

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Plugin To Download Youtube Videos For Mac Os

Ultimate YouTube Downloader

Among the countless utilities of Google Chrome, is the ease of downloading YouTube videos through the concerned plugin. Ultimate YouTube Downloader assists you in easily retrieving high definition videos from a webpage.

  • Open Google Chrome and go to the Chrome Web Store
  • Search and install Ultimate YouTube Downloader followed by restarting Chrome
  • Search through the YouTube to find the video that needs to be downloaded
  • Under the video player section, click the button stating Download

After choosing the video quality, the download will start


ClipGrab is an easy to use video downloading tool than can be installed on your Mac OSX operating system within no time. It has the property to download video content from a number of websites including YouTube. The user interface is simple enough to be understood by even the beginners.

  • Go to ClipGrab to download the installation package and then install it

Video Plugin

  • Open ClipGrab and browse a YouTube video from within the application
  • The video will be detected and added on the Clipboard
Plugins to download youtube videos
  • Access the Clipboard tab and download the video from there

Introducing Airy YouTube downloader

Video Plugin Download

Airy is a powerful YouTube downloader which is capable of handling Full HD and 8K Ultra HD video download without hiccups. Airy allows you to choose a required format and resolution; formats supported include MP4, FLV and 3GP. You can also save only soundtracks – all you have to do is to choose MP3 from the list of the formats displayed when downloading.

  • Download and install Airy on your Mac
  • Copy and paste YouTube URL into Airy window
  • Choose the format to save the downloaded file into and press Download button
  • Files are saved into Downloads folder of your Mac

With any of the above mentioned tools, you can skillfully create your video playlists on your own local drives and enjoy them whenever you want, even without an internet connection. Go ahead to incorporate multiple tools to simplify the things.

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