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Inkjet Photo Lab Solutions

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The QSS Green Series is the latest in our long line of innovative dry photo lab systems
Powerful, versatile, and compact, our QSS Green systems produce long lasting, photo quality dry ink prints and are available in multiple configurations to fit your needs.

In addition to all the features that have made our Noritsu QSS brand so popular, the QSS Green series raises the bar in terms of environmental friendliness and print variety and is poised to become the new de-facto standard model for photo businesses. Pair your QSS Green with our genuine Noritsu papers and inks for incredible color reproduction and long lasting prints that your customers will love!

Noritsu QSS Green IV

More Print Options

With a 12' roll paper path, and the ability to print up to an amazing 69.2' advance, the Green IV gives you more output options than ever.

Space Saving Design

Compact and yet powerful, maximize your sales with minimum floor space required.

Dual Roll Capability

Award Winning Software

Comes standard with our Noritsu EZ-Controller, or print directly from any Windows or Mac desktop application with our QSS Printer Driver. Multiple network configurations and environments are supported.

Automatic Print Sorting

Orders and enlargements can be pre-sorted, making packaging quick and easy and further increasing your efficiency.

Noritsu QSS Green III

High Capacity

Our fastest dry ink system. Up to 950 6”x4” or 305 10”x8” prints an hour without sacrificing quality.

Automatic Order Sorting

Built-in 12 order capacity sorter with our color coded LED sorting system and the ability to interrupt orders.

Award Winning Software

Comes standard with our Noritsu EZ-Controller, or print directly from any Windows or Mac desktop application with our QSS Printer Driver. Multiple network configurations and environments are supported.

Wider Paper Path

Supports roll and sheet paper up to 12” wide for great looking poster prints and panoramic prints up to 12”x55”. Also supports 13” sheet paper for cover wraps.

Economical and Eco Friendly

All of our Green system use much less electricity than a traditional photo printer, and use easily replaceable ink cartridges rather than traditional AgX chemicals.

Noritsu QSS Green D


Provide an incredible array of prints and creative products with a low cost of ownership.

Duplex Printing

Expand your product line with built-in double sided printing, add our auto-duplexing unit to enhance your workflow.

Added Value

Perfect for photo books, greeting cards, calendars, posters, etc. in addition to traditional prints, works great with our creative print products.

More Options

Use both roll and sheet paper, with an adjustable platen gap allowing access to a wide variety of sheet paper types and thicknesses.

Award Winning Software

Comes standard with our Noritsu EZ-Controller, or print directly from any Windows or Mac desktop application with our QSS Printer Driver. Multiple network configurations and environments are supported.

Noritsu QSS Green R


Easily swap multiple roll paper widths to create a wide variety of output formats.

Panoramic Prints

Create amazing looking banner and panoramic prints up to 10”x69”.


All Green systems print at an ultra high resolution 1440 dpi and multiple dot gradation technology for incredibly smooth prints.


Genuine Noritsu ink and paper are engineered to make prints that last.

Easy to Use

Simple operation, no chemicals, lengthy set-ups, or light sensitive papers to deal with.

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Noritsu AccuSmart Imaging Software


Get the most out of your QSS printer with our EZ Controller software suite.
Network your equipment, set up your workflow, and run your production with the level of automation you choose. With Noritsu EZ-Controller you can manage your lab from one seat. Automatically or manually control input from wide array of sources and output to your QSS Systems or other supported printers.

We also offer a number of add-on imaging applications, offer your customer the ease of printing from their phones, or use our Print Driver to print to you QSS from almost any application!

Noritsu EZ Controller

Lab Management

Built-in order management enables you to confirm job status, change print sequence and interrupt jobs for urgent orders.



Supports multiple inputs and outputs. Orders can be managed manually, or let EZ-Controller do it for you.


Flexible Color Management System provides color matching to improve consistency between prints and display.

Qss For Mac Installer

RAW Data Support


Incorporated Adobe DNG™ conversion technology enables processing and printing of camera raw files.

Easy To Use

Quickly correct for color and density issues with accurate on-screen feedback.

AccuSmart Technology


The backbone of Noritsu’s imaging technology. AccuSmart is our built-in automatic and manual image correction software, using award winning image processing algorithms exclusive to Noritsu.

Image Optimization

Automatically analyzes and corrects images using face recognition and scene/density recognition technology.

Dust Removal

Includes Digital ICE and Digital Masking technologies for removing dust and scratch artifacts from film.

Fully Featured

Easy to apply Digital Scene Adjustment functions : Auto Sharpness, Auto Contrast, Chroma, and Graininess Suppression.

High Precision Correction

Powerful add- on modules available for JPEG Block removal, Cross Filter, Red Eye Reduction, Digital Scene Correction, Soft Focus, Spot Correction, Lens Aberration, and Tone Curves.

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Expand your market

People are taking more photos than ever, gain access to tons of new and existing mobile app users in your area.

Qss Machine

Cost Effective

No signup fee, no monthly fees, no setup costs. Transactions can be handled in the app if you want the prints to be paid for before you recieve an order.

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Mobile Printing Applications

Local Prints Now

High quality photo prints with local pickup. Send images directly from Instagram, Facebook or your phone’s gallery to a network of hundreds of independent camera shops and professional photo labs.

Pic Drop Easy Print

Print photos from your phone via Pic Drop with ease for pickup at your local Photo Lab. Quickly and easily select photos from your phone's camera, Dropbox account, or Instagram and pick them up at your convenience!

Fast Photos

Fast, quality photo prints in a hassle free print app. Save time by placing your order directly from your phone for pickup in about an hour at your local photo store.

QSS Printer Driver

Print From Desktop Application

Expand the capabilities of your Noritsu printer by adding the ability to print from virtually any connected Windows or Mac application.

Qss For Mages

Network Printing

Connect multiple workstations to a single printer or manage a bank of printers from a single workstation.

Cross Platform

Qss For Mac Os

Available for use with either Windows (PC) or MAC OS.

Ss For Mac


Ss For Mac Config

Print from the app your working in; Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel and more.


Use the built-in image splitting tool to create massive enlargement by splitting an image into multiple print sections.

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