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Raw photos are those uncompressed images and these are the ones that have been captured by the sensor of the camera. These are similar to digital negatives. These need to be post processed and this is done by advanced software for editing images.


  1. The Adobe DNG Converter enables you to easily convert camera-specific raw files from supported cameras to a more universal DNG raw file. Another benefit of using the DNG Converter is backward compatibility. Note: Adobe provides backwards compatibility for the latest cameras for use in older versions of Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge, After.
  2. Adobe Camera Raw. Adobe Camera Raw was released in 2003 and has added support for new.

However, most of these files are enormous and so they need to be converted to other file types for easy storage and transfer. Therefore, RAW converters are needed.


Adobe Camera Raw plug-in was introduced for the MAC users, as most other DNG converter software are not supported by the Apple device. This software offers most of the same features that are available for the window users. Though, Mac being a different platform, a window user may take some time to identify and orient with the software.

This Raw File Converter EX 2.0 software can be installed on Windows 10 right till Windows 7 and Vista as well and on Macintosh version 10.6.8 till 10.11. Whereas the earlier version could only support uptil Windows8 and Macintosh 10.3.9 – 10.7.


This is used where strong focus on imaging is required. This allows people to manage the assets in the cloud. This has a resizer and converter to various types of images from either PDF, CR2, ORF, ARW, RAF, PEF, DNG as well as other files.


This software is fast and efficient. It manages different conversions and at the same time it allows for a variety of editing options. For advanced users, through a command line interface conversion can be done as well.

StepOk Raw Importer

This software is not only user friendly but it is free as well. It imports and converts RAW files based on DCRAW. Most models of cameras are compatible with the software and it supports not only individual files but batch files as well and some editing too.

RAW File converter For Different Platforms

Image Converter Plus

RAW to JPEG conversion is not easy due to the different kinds of cameras and models of cameras that are available. The photos need to be resized or image effects need to be added. Therefore, a software like this helps. What is good is that the source file is retained so it can be used for other processing tasks if need be.

RawDroid Demo

This software offers a full screen viewer, Panning as well as zooming, metadata, importing, exporting as well as renaming of a batch, importing of camera tether and so many more features like auto-orientation and histograms. Future versions will also allow decoding of full raw files.

Most Popular Raw File Converter Software for 2016


This allows you to convert files and that too without having to download any software. You can choose the file you want to be converted provided it is less than 50 MB and then you need to choose the file type you want to convert it to. Once done, the email address where the reconverted file is to be sent is to be entered and the file is then converted and sent to the email address.

What is Raw File Converter Software?

RAW files have great quality but require post processing and it is not possible to view these RAW files by most editors and viewers. Therefore, for them to be processed they need to be converted. Another reason is that these files are enormous in size and in order to be stored or transferred, they need to be compressed with a minimum loss to quality. Therefore, these files are generally converted into JPEG files.

How to install RAW File Converters?

Based on which software has been chosen, the process of installation differs. Some do allow the conversion without installing the software, while others need for the software to be first downloaded and installed.

Once done, the RAW file or files (incase the software supports batches) are to be selected and the converted file type is to be selected as also the output folder. Then when START or CLICK is clicked, the conversion takes place and the converted files are placed in the output folder.

Benefits of RAW File Converters

Raw Files are like the digital negatives. These files need to be processed, the noise is to be removed, they need to be edited and then they are ready. However, most of the editors are unable to read these files and so Raw file converters help. They have an added benefit of saving the RAW files as various types of output files. They also reduce their size, offer editing features and cropping of the images.

These software help photographers and those enthusiasts of photography who want perfect pictures every time. These are also useful for people who want to store a lot of images and photographs or transfer huge portfolio.

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Today we have hundreds of digital cameras available in the market to choose from. However, a lot of these digital cameras use different and, at times, difficult to open raw image file formats, instead of using a universal DNG (Digital Negative) format. Thankfully, there are a number of RAW to DNG converter software available online, that can help us in converting our photos to DNG format for viewing, editing and preserving them for future generations. We will discuss some of them here.


Adobe DNG Converter

Adobe RAW file converter software was the very first that allowed users to convert RAW images to DNG. Unlike most camera software, it allows you complete control and greater flexibility over conversion settings and compresses. While offering additional editing features like white balance, even after the image is captured.


Raw.Pic.io is a very useful and unique RAW to DNG converter, online viewer and image editor that also allow users to resize the images with in the browser. It supports formats like PDF and CR2 etc. But, the option of using your Google drive for your digital asset management is unique to this site, as you don’t need to download anything.

DNG Converter

DNG converter is much simpler but just as useful, freeware to convert DNG images to most used a format like JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, BMP. Its most attractive feature is its simplicity, all you have to do is start the DNG converter download, then add your image, choose from the five most popular formats and you can convert the image.


DigiKam is one of more advanced DNG converter. You can not only convert, enhance and view your file, but you can also add tags, rating, comments etc. It works on the principle of metadata, which allows you to view all the images under one album at one place, irrespective of their actual location.

Raw Photo Converter

Other Platforms

With an increase in the use of other platforms like Android and Linux, demand for DNG converters for their users also increased. In most cases, the user is not even allowed by the OS to download DNG converter windows version, as it is not compatible with the device. It posed an issue for the users, as most smart phones are based on Android and armed with a camera.

Adobe raw converter for mac

RAW to DNG for Android

RAW2DNG is an app for android based device that can be downloaded from the Google app store. It works on the cloud principle, where the image stays RAW, but can be imported into the Adobe’s Lightroom, allowing the image to sync with Adobes creative cloud. You can edit your images and still keep the RAW intact.

Raw-in-DNG-Out Mode – Most Popular Software

Adobe Camera Raw plug-in was introduced for the MAC users, as most other DNG converter software are not supported by the Apple device. This software offers most of the same features that are available for the window users. Though, Mac being a different platform, a window user may take some time to identify and orient with the software. You can also see NEF to JPG Converter

What is RAW to DNG Converter?

Camera Raw Converter For Mac

Many camera brands offer their personalized software with their products for image viewing and editing. This creates an issue of too many image formats, with most not recognizable by one and other. When the production of a particular model or brand ends, normally image software support ends with it. You can also see Duplicate Image Finder

To counter this problem, Adobe launched an image converter that was created with a mission statement: to be able to decode any raw image, from any digital camera, on any computer, running any operating system. Software based on this principle are called RAW to DNG converters.

Mac Converter Free

DNG provides a reliable way of preserving images for future generations, in their original form, without damaging or altering them. In the time, when technology is changing and evolving at a rapid pace, a standardized system is a necessity. Since its launch in 2004, it has gained the universal standard status for storing images.

Raw Reader For Mac

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