Rtl8111e For Mac

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Rtl8111e mac address
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Rtl8111e For Macbook Pro

Dec 23, 2011
HP ProBook 430 G6
UHD 620, 1920x1080
Mobile Phone

Rtl8111e For Macbook Air

ProRtl8111e For Mac

Rtl8111e For Macbook

I had a build with this controller and it worked just fine for me in OS X 10.8.5. And even after I updated to 10.9 it worked for a while.
However after I rebooted once, it stopped working. When I plug in and plug out the cable, driver (Realtek81xx) can detect this. But DHCP does not work and there is no traffic.
I tested cable, it is fine.
In activity monitor I can see a few packets sent and arrived.
What could be wrong?
I'm sorry for a dummy question, but I really have no idea where to look for a root of the problem.

Rtl8111e For Mac Os

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