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38 Games Like The Secret World for Mac. Pay once; play forever. Subscription no longer required. Hidden within our own modern-day world is a secret world. A world where every myth, legend, and conspiracy theory is true. And now, dark forces are on the move and secrets that should have remained forever buried have finally been uncovered. Secret Keeper: Briefly in the series finale when he catches Alex morphing, but when the chemical plant taps his phone and determine that he knows who she is, they torture him into telling and triggers a chain-reaction of events that brings Alex's world crumbling down.

When it comes to rebooting beloved TV shows things can go awry easily, but sometimes the risk is worth it, especially if a reboot could bring the story to a whole new audience. In an age where female superheroes are finally coming into their own on the small screen, it is time for a The Secret World of Alex Mack reboot. No, I'm not talking about the further adventures of adult Alex, but, rather, a straight reboot of the series for pre-teen viewers and nostalgic adults.

This might raise alarm bells for people who grew up with the show. There is always the worry that a reboot just won't do the original justice, but right now is the perfect time to reintroduce Alex Mack to the world. The series was a cult classic when it was on, so its original fanbase is a small, but passionate group who I think would be happy to share a modern Alex's journey with a new generation.

Mac for gaming is a bad idea. Original Poster 1 point 3 years ago. True but the Only game I would play on it would be the secret world the rest of the time it will be used for Photoshop and video-editing. Find out in the complete Season 2 collection of The Secret World of Alex Mack! Over six hours of episodes combine to bring you laughs, intrigue and a whole lot of adventure with Alex, her best bud, Ray, and her super smart sister, Annie, as they try to outwit the bigwigs behind the chemical GC-161 that accidentally sprayed Alex! The Secret World Of Alex Mack was the highest-rated show on Nickelodeon in the '90's, and for good reason. Droves of loyal fans have been waiting almost a decade for.

In many ways, Alex Mack was ahead of its time. The layered, conspiracy theory storytelling, the strong female leads, and the use of metaphors to explain how transitioning from elementary to middle school can be a stressful, confusing time are all well-suited to savvy youngsters today. The world needs Alex Mack now more than ever, and here are 11 reasons why it is time for a reboot.

1. Alex Is A Complex Role Model

Alex was not perfect, and the importance of that aspect of her personality cannot be overstated. She had a good heart and was loyal to her friends, but she struggled with how to use her powers. She never became an actual superhero, although she was powerful after that infamous toxic spill, and having her discover her strengths and weaknesses as a person was some of the show's best material.

2. The Conspiracy Story Could Be Fleshed Out

The evil corporation that manufactured GC-161, the chemical that gave Alex her powers, deserves further exploration. Exploring their intentions for the chemical, as well as their pursuit of Alex could be done in a more in depth manner. The conspiracy was fun in the original, but it could become an even bigger part of a modern remake.


3. Annie Is The STEM Hero Girls Need

Alex's sister Annie is an amazing STEM role model. She is devoted to science, and approaches Alex's situation both as a sister and a scientist. She uses her skills to document Alex's reactions to GC-161 and performs experiments to make sure Alex is safe. She is the kind of cool, confident female scientist who could inspire young women to pursue STEM subjects just by being herself.

4. The Special Effects Would Be Seriously Upgraded

I swear, I am not a special effects snob, but can you imagine how cool Alex's powers would look now given how far technology has advanced? The morphing into a puddle move could be particularly spectacular.

5. The World Needs More Sci-Fi Shows Aimed At Young Women

There are precious few sci-fi shows aimed at kids these days, and even fewer with female leads. Alex Mack was an amazing sci-fi show that acted as the perfect gateway for young women to see how sci-fi storytelling could relate to their lives. Alex Mack could do for the next generation what she did for the lucky millennials who adored her story.

6. Larisa Oleynik Deserves To Make A Comeback

Your '90s queen and mine, Oleynik would have to have a role in the reboot. However, instead of playing Alex, wouldn't it be delicious to see Oleynik step into the role of CEO of the Paradise Valley Chemical Plant, Danielle Atron? Seeing Oleynik become the show's villain would be the ultimate treat for original fans.

7. Social Media Would Add A Whole New Layer To The Story

New World Mac

In the age of the Internet, Alex's plight to keep her secret would become so much harder, but, at the same time, the internet would be an invaluable resource for Annie and Alex as they documented Alex's powers and researched the chemical plant. Adding hacker to Annie's list of skills would only make her cooler.

8. Alex Challenges Gender Norms

In the '90s, Alex was simply considered a tomboy, but the character actually challenged gender norms in a way that would resonate with the more socially savvy youth of today. From Alex's choice of clothes and love of sports to her interest in boys, Alex proved there was no one way girls should be, and a message that powerful should be shared across generations.

Secret World For Mac

9. Alex's Powers Could Lead To Amazing Character Growth

I respect the original show for not turning Alex into a cape wearing superhero, but I do think there's more story to be told about a young woman on the brink of becoming a teenager realizing she possesses an amazing amount of power. Watching Alex grow into her abilities and learning how to harness them would make for amazing TV.

10. Every Generation Deserves A Chance To Ship Alex/Ray

It's a rite of passage, guys.

11. Alex's Journey Still Resonates

Alex's journey from a confused kid to a super powered teen is one that will always be relevant. It's a coming of age story, and while the technology could use an update, Alex as a character is universal. A reboot would work because Alex is someone every kid would relate to, and every adult would remember relating to.

Alex Mack needs to make a comeback, ASAP. Someone tell Nickelodeon the world is ready for more Alex.

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From the moment Dierks Bentley’s voice explodes into the California night air, the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View finds itself on a Mountain High. That’s the name of the 14-time Grammy nominee’s latest tour — and that tour doesn’t go anywhere without Mac mini.

Introduced as a smaller and more affordable desktop computer by Apple in 2005, Mac mini’s power and versatility have made it a favorite of developers around the world for every stage of the app creation process, from tinkering to testing and simulating at scale. As a result, it’s been instrumental in creating, powering and perfecting some of the world’s most popular apps.

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Back in Mountain View, while the audience sings along with Bentley, guitar tech Carlos Gutierrez is backstage with his hands on one of the band’s 18 guitars and his eyes on a monitor. If there’s any trouble with the wireless receivers connected to each of the guitars, the software will let him know. And that software is powered by Mac mini.

“If Dierks is out in the crowd and this setup alerts me that his guitar’s wireless strength is going down, I can adjust it and avoid an issue,” says Gutierrez. “And I’ve always run this setup on Mac mini — I’ve been using the same Mac mini for five years, and I’ve never had a problem.”

Earlier in the day, long before Bentley played his first chord, audio techs Cody Seaver and Thomas McNabb had worked to hang, or “fly” as it’s called, the tour’s massive wall of 60 speakers from the stage. Once they were in place, it was time to take them for a test drive.

At the audio booth midway through the Amphitheatre, front of house engineer James “Pugsley” McDermott hits a button and the sound system roars to life.

His eyes are on a software display of the speaker outputs. After the first test, McDermott blasts some of his favorite songs — the same ones he’s been using for most of the 13 years he’s been with Bentley — to tell him if things sound just right. His tools, both the software and the audio output, are powered by Mac mini.

“Mac mini is such an important tool for me that everything pivots from there,” says McDermott. “I use it to generate the same audio file every time, at a high resolution, and it gives me a graphical representation of what’s happening [sound-wise] in the venue, so I can perfectly tune the system for every show.”

Secret World For Mac

At the end of that night’s show, the crew packs up their gear for the next stop on the tour. Overseeing it all is production manager Jay Ballinger, who has been with Bentley for more than a decade, and counts Apple products, and Mac mini specifically, as vital components of the operation.

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“We’re barely touching what the Mac mini can do on our tour, which says a lot for the Mac mini,” says Ballinger. “And if you count the programs we use that run on MacBook Pro, I absolutely know that the music business would not survive in today’s world without Apple products — they’re just a game changer.”