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Make phone calls using your PC or Mac

  • Works with almost any VoIP gateway provider or office PBX
  • Features include conferencing, recording, and voice commands
  • Configure up to 6 telephone lines on Express Talk
Express Talk works like a computer telephone. Call from your PC to any other computer with a softphone installed. Additional signup with a VoIP service provider to use Express Talk to call regular telephone numbers as well.

Download Express Talk Softphone for Windows

Combine Express Talk with other programs in our telephony suite such as Axon, a Virtual PBx System, to create a customized phone system to for your business.
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Softphone Features
  • Make voice and video calls free between computers
  • Supports PC to phone via a VoIP SIP gateway provider
  • Place callers on hold (on-hold music included)
  • Supports caller ID display and logging
  • Includes a phone book with quick dial configuration
  • Integrates with Microsoft Address Book
  • Data compression, echo cancellation, noise reduction and comfort noise
  • Supports emergency numbers calling (e.g. 911, 999, 000)
  • Can be used with USB phones, Headsets, Microphones, a Webcam and a set of speakers, or a USB video phone
Additional Business Features
  • Configure up to 6 phone lines
  • Call conferencing for up to 6 people
  • Phone call recording
  • Voice commands
  • Call transfer
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Push to talk intercom
  • Call Pickup allows you to answer on another extension


IPCOMMS SOFTPHONE. Simple and easy to configure with our services. (IPComms softphone is currently available for Android systems only. Zoiper runs on a multitude of different platforms: Mac, Linux or Windows, iPhone and Android - with support for both SIP and IAX, and includes free and paid versions of their software. Your only option for a Mac softphone would be a 3rd party SIP client. I can't provide any guidance on that as I haven't tried to get a SIP softphone working with any express products. You would also likely lose some functionality with SIP clients. Hope this helps, Robert. 0 Helpful Reply.

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Using the softphone feature, you can easily place, receive, and manage telephone calls using your computer or mobile device and an internet connection. University IT provides support for a softphone through the Jabber application, allowing you to simulate your Stanford telephone using your Mac.

The Jabber softphone feature is also available for Windows computers, and iOS and Android mobile devices.

Something to consider before getting started

The audio quality of a softphone connection — both what you hear and what the other person hears — is impacted by the microphone and speakers you are using. While most modern computers come with built-in microphones and speakers, you might want to invest in a high-quality headset to improve the audio quality. A headset can also reduce surrounding noise and increase privacy. Headset recommendations.

Place a call

You can place a softphone call in three ways:


  1. Click in the Jabber hub.
  2. Hover over the appropriate contact’s name and click .
    The call is placed to the person’s Stanford telephone number.

For details on adding contacts to your Contacts list, see Managing Contacts.


Softphone For Pc

  1. Type the person’s name in the Jabber hub Search or call field.
    It is best to type the name as completely as possible since Jabber will only display the first 15 matches.
  2. Hover over the appropriate contact’s name in the search results and click .
    The call is placed to the person’s Stanford telephone number.


  1. Type the person’s phone number in the Jabber hub Search or call field.
    Important:When entering a non-Stanford number, you must enter a 9 first, then the rest of the number as you would from a telephone (e.g., 916509871234). With Stanford telephone numbers, you can dial the last five digits or the full seven or ten digit number.
  2. Click next to the Search or call field.
    The call is placed to the entered telephone number.

Receive a call

You must be logged in to the Jabber application to receive a call using your softphone. Settings affect a telephone number regardless if they are set on your desk phone or your softphone. So, for example, if your forward your desk phone to voicemail, your softphone is also forwarded to voicemail and you will not receive calls. Changing the setting on one also changes the setting on the other.

When you receive an incoming call, you’ll see a call window open on your computer screen.

  • Click Accept to accept the call.
  • Click Decline to forward the call to voicemail.

Forward and unforward calls

3cx Softphone For Mac

Forwarding sends calls coming to your Stanford phone number to your Stanford voicemail or any other phone number you choose. Unforwarding your calls make them ring on both your desk phone and softphone (when active). Forwarding or unforwarding your calls on your desk phone or softphone affects both phones.


  1. Click in the Jabber hub (bottom right).
  2. In the Forward Call to dropdown menu, either:
    Select among the listed numbers (numbers to which you’ve recently forwarded your calls) or
    Select New Number to enter another phone number.
    1. Enter a phone number, including 9, 1, area code and seven-digit phone number (e.g., 914159876543) and press enter on your keyboard.
    2. Select the new number in the Forward Calls to: drop down menu.


  1. Click in the Jabber hub (bottom right).
  2. In the Forward Call to dropdown menu, select Off to top forwarding your calls.

Place a call on hold

Download Bria Softphone For Mac

  1. Click in the active call window.
  2. Select Hold.
    The call is placed on hold. Click Resume to resume the call.

Softphone For Mac Reddit

Note: When you place someone on hold, they will hear music. If you are on a conference call and answer a second line, the conference call is placed on hold and the conference attendees hear the hold music.

Transfer a call

Transferring allows you to transfer a call from your softphone to any other phone on the Stanford system.

  1. Click in the active call window.
  2. Select Transfer.
    This places the active call on hold.
  3. Type the name of the person or the phone number to which you want to transfer the call in the search box.
  4. Select the person or number when it appears in the search list.
    You are connected to that number.
  5. Press Transfer to complete the transfer.
  6. Click .