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Everyone likes free Internet, but why should you be paying for everyone to use yours? Wireless Network Watcher lets you see who’s connected to your WiFi.

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Wireless network watcher for mac free download - Wifi Watcher, Watcher, Network Watcher, and many more programs. Wireless Network Watcher is a small, lightweight utility, which scans your wireless network and then displays a list of all devices that are currently connected to your network. Advertisement The app shows detailed information about any connected device including: IP address, MAC address, the network card manufacturer, and (optionally) the.

Watching your WiFi

Don’t experience slow Internet speeds just because some stranger’s hogging your WiFi. Scan now and find out who’s using your Internet.

You pay for your Internet, you password protect your WiFi, and yet you’re still experiencing slow speeds? Perhaps it’s time to check if anyone’s figured out your old password. Wireless Network Watcher will access your network and show you the devices that are using your Internet.

After a quick scan, you’ll see all the details of any network intruder found, including their IP address, the type of user they are, and their MAC router. However, you may need to scan a few times to ensure all connected devices are listed as Wireless Network Watcher doesn’t always show every connection.

Once a scan completes you’ll see icons next to each device listed, letting you easily identify them. The software is easy to use but offers no way to interact with any intruders using your Internet. There is no way to send a warning message or block a device from your Internet. You’ll either need to do some sleuthing and find out who owns the device or change your router’s password.

Scanning your network won’t use up all your system’s requirements. You’re even able to leave it running in the background as you play a game or watch your favorite YouTuber. Identifying Internet leeches has never been so easy.

Where can you run this program?

Wireless Network Watcher is available for almost every version of Windows operating system.

Is there a better alternative?

No, but if you’d prefer a mobile application there are applications such as Fing which provide the same service. Whichever you choose both can easily identify devices connected to your network.

Our take

Wireless Network Watcher is a must-have software if you suspect anyone is using your Internet and want to find out who it is.


Should you download it?

Wireless Network Watcher Reviews

Yes, it’s a great way to check the security of your WiFi network constantly. If you get low speeds and want to see if it’s because of an intruder.


Wireless Network Watcher is a compact NirSoft tool which can scan your network (wired, as well as wireless, despite the program's name), and report on everything that's currently connected.

Wifi Watcher For Mac Os

For every device and computer it uncovers, Wireless Network Watcher will list its IP address, device name, MAC address, network adapter, and (sometimes) an additional description that may tell you what the device actually is ('Your Router', say).

And the report can be saved for future reference as a plain text, XML, CSV or HTML file.

.As well as being useful for basic inventory purposes, Wireless Network Watcher can also be a handy security tool.

Click Options > Background Scan, then Options > Beep On New Device, and the program will regularly scan your system, looking for new devices (like a neighbour trying to make use of your internet connection, for instance).

Wifi Watcher For Mac Cheese

And the Advanced Options dialog (press F9) allows you to customise this even further, setting the frequency you need for the background scan, and optionally telling Wireless Network Watcher to launch a particular program whenever a new device is detected.

Version 2.21:

- Updated the internal MAC addresses database.


Wifi Watcher For Mac Download

Wireless Network Watcher is another compact NirSoft tool which delivers just what you expect, quickly providing useful information on everything connected to your network