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XMind for pros. Price for all.

版本: XMind 8 Update 8 (R3.7.8.00) 激活为XMind 8 Update 8 Pro. 授权给 Setapp 此版本在Setapp上,单击打印没有任何反应。“打印”界面中的任何按钮点完子之后,界面关闭,但无反馈。. Millions of people choose XMind 8 Pro because of its awesome usability, friendly interface, and excellent features. Buy Now for $129 Free updates for XMind Pro 8.x version. XMind 8 Pro Crack For Mac Linux + License Key Free Download 2018. The software will enable your meeting live and breathing, help you capture the bursts of inspiration that emerge during grouping meeting, and convey complex ideas simply. The utility will become an indispensable assistant during brainstorming in a narrow team or during the.

  1. XMind packs 10 amazing fonts to beautify your mind maps magically. All our fonts are open-sourced and cross-platformed, which ensures the pretty look of your mind maps on both Mac/Windows. Tens of new themes bring incredible experiences for everyone.You can.
  2. XMind is the most professional and popular mind mapping tool. Millions of people use XMind to clarify thinking, manage complex information, brainstorming, get.

XMind for pros.
Price for all.

All Platforms

Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android

XmindXmind 8 Pro For Mac

Xmind 8 Pro For Macbook Pro

  • Unlock all features
  • Always use the latest version
  • Nonstop from desktop to mobile

Choose a plan that fits you, and upgrade for the next level.

  1. One plan is allowed to run on 5 Macs/PCs and 5 iOS/Android personal devices.
  2. The plan includes XMind 2020 and XMind for iOS/Android. XMind 8 is not included.
  3. Subscription automatically renews and can be cancelled anytime. Billed per 6 months/annually.

Special Offer for Academia

If you are a student/educator study or work for school or educational institution. We always support you a special price to get XMind 2020 desktop and mobile version.

Xmind 8 Pro For Macbook

  1. Current and valid ID of school/educational institution is required.
  2. The price includes XMind 2020 desktop and mobile version.
  3. Need an XMind ID to activate, if you do not have one, please create an XMind ID.
  4. One subscription is allowed on 5 Macs/PCs and 5 iOS/Android devices.
  5. Subscription can be cancelled anytime.

Enterprise Pricing

We provide premium service for large customers all over the world, like HPE, Europe Parliament, and Angry Birds. The volume license for enterprise serves all sizes of teams, from startups to companies with even hundreds of thousands of users. Please tell us your organization’s requirements and we’ll contact back in the first time and offer the best price.

Why should I pay?

XMind is commercial software. You need a subscription plan for personal and business use.

Before purchase, you’re using a trial version. It's for evaluation purposes only. Some features are inactive. And all exported images and PDFs would come with watermarks.

Xmind 8 Pro For Macbook Air


To use XMind properly, you should pay. You don't need to download another app. We'll unlock all features immediately after your first purchase. All plans are per user. You can use XMind on up to 5 Mac/PCs and 5 iOS/Android devices.

The reason we choose subscription plans rather than a life-time license, is that we wish you always use the latest version, to keep us out of supporting every single history release. It's a big deal to keep our team small, but agile and committed. We believe the subscription mode is the future for all independent software vendors.

In addition, we also offer group/volume licenses for all kinds of organizations.

Xmind 8 Pro For Mac Os


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